2nd semester

  • 150 more hours of Practicum
  • Finalizing thesis
  • Thesis defense
  • Physics lecture and laboratory :-&
  • Hassle grades compilation
  • Applying for graduation

Yes yes yo. I’m expecting to graduate next year. Hrhrhr.

Congratulations to my online friend and birthdate mate, Kels! Pumasa ng LET. Teacher na teacher na. Idol ((:


    good luck with your semester!

    Lyssa Honey | 8 years ago Reply

    yaaayyy.. yan na ang hassle ng graduating. THESIS. haha. but hopefully you'll be able to overcome all those things. :D

    Tine | 8 years ago Reply

    Yeah you seem really busy. Good luck with that all, i am sure you do alricht!!!

    Larissa | 8 years ago Reply

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