Baby brother.

EDIT: NEW LAYOUT! HAHAHAHAHA. I just made it today so it really sucks. Sorry for the low quality. HAHA but I love it because it is new! HAHAHAHA.  It’s the second layout this year. Oh gooooolly, at long last! /EDIT

Daniel Paul :)

That’s my little brother 7 years or so ago. The little angel turned devilish. I can’t believe that he’s taller than me. I can’t believe he’s dark like a chocolate. I can’t believe he’s been wrestling me to death!

Oh, I just can’t believe he is turning 14 this year. How time flies so fassssst. ):


    Wow, LOL that does look very awakening. I love watching kids grow. I also have a little sibling and I'm amused to see how part by part she learns how to do stuff. :] Advance happy birthday to your little brother? :]

    Keyenne | 9 years ago Reply

    naku, I think he will hit you in the head pag nalaman nyang pinost mo ito,, hahaha

    Pahn | 9 years ago Reply

    ang cute niya. hehe! aww mag 14 na siya?? binata na. hehe!

    Dee | 9 years ago Reply

    ang cute ng bro mo, magkamukha kayo! ^^ bilis ng panahon. :) Sana ako din may younger na kapatid para mafeel ko namang tumatanda ako. XD

    Tin | 9 years ago Reply

    wahahaha reminiscing the old days lol ahaha mas matangkad seu sis oh me gawd! ahahahaha anyway ang cute ng lilbro u and your new layout too^^

    Ayei | 9 years ago Reply


    Fia | 9 years ago Reply

    WHAT?! Taller than you?! Gosh. Ang bilis talaga pag nagmature physically ng mga boys! Err!

    April | 9 years ago Reply

    yay! parang kapatid ko ren! hehe

    jhoana | 9 years ago Reply

    heehee! tama ka dyan sis, pag baby or bata pa ang cute at parang angel, pag lumaki na nagbabago na lahat.. nakakaasar noh kapag mas malaki pa sayo yong youner bro/sis mo..hmmp!

    krisel | 9 years ago Reply

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