This year’s our cat year ’cause a lot of cats went here in our place to sleep, eat and play. We used to have eleven cats but two went missing till this very second. Mommy (orig), Daddy, Big Baby Orange, Big Baby White, Tiger and Baby Orange are the first cat family.  Mommy (2), Sungit, Whitey, Orange and Fatty (the missing kittens) are obviously part of the second cat family. Oh, there are cat relatives who visit them from time to time. Apparently, there are two lolo cats and there’s a moo cat. A moo cat is a black and white cow patterned cat.

This is tiger. He doesn’t look like a tiger though but my sister insisted that we call this cutie with such. :whistle:

Whitey doing a Chicken pose. Actually cleaning her tummy haha

Oh, Orange, the missing kitty since December 1. The kitty who likes to show off his tongue every shoot.

Since these pusakals (street cats) are nice and sweet, too, we feed them right (canned sardines – ’cause Whiskas’ too expensive – and sometimes chicken leftovers when we eat outside – yes we save the bones for them), I guess. On Christmas day, we’re going to feed them with Whiskas, yay! My father made an apartment (out of his old wooden ladder) for the kitties to sleep at with old shirts as bedsheets-blankets. <3