25th of December

Few minutes left before Jesus’ birthday again! Let’s celebrate for He is the King!

Say what, I’ve got one big present this year. I passed CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test) Professional Level. It is big deal for me. My father kept on bullying me days before the exam asking ‘Do you have what it takes to pass the exam?’ – I took it an an insult not a motivation ass but I really didn’t study for the exam. Stubborn, yeah. I was not even sure if I’d pass or what. I have nothing to brag but the pure luck!

My friends made it to the list to so we’re going to partey partey partey next year for this! We definitely wont miss to celebrate! Hahaha!  So cheers to everyone who passed the October 17, 2010 CSE-PPT!

I’ve actually received a lot this year so thank You, Lord!

I’ll be dropping by in your blogs next time! Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas! :eyes:

Don’t let others sleep

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to attend my friend’s birthday celebration. It was our group’s first overnight! We sang from 1am till past 6am… till someone actually said, “Mag pa-tulog naman kayo! (Let others sleep!)”. It was their neighbor and my friend’s mom said we shouldn’t had stopped because it was the first time they had an after celeb at home compared to their neighbors who always had parties and videoke nights.

Anyways,  we went to the back of their house (where the videoke and billiards were) and started playing and singing!


We were called out to prepare but we did play and sing more. We could be the reason why the party started 9pm, that late!

Superb college friends

Oh, I put my camera to multiple shots setting and here is the ugly outcome due to no-flash shots hahahahaha

And this was the arte shot taken outside the party place (:


This day to day time with these awesome friends was awesome! Hahahaha! I know this will happen again next time!


I change the font to Arial. I was supposed to change the whole layout but I got lazy to make one. Anyway, so sorry for not visiting lately. I’ll make sure to drop at my links today!

My friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday to celebrate Valentine’s day and Karen’s 18th birthday! Karen brought a lot of Carbonara, Adobo, Liempo and Rice. We ate around 11am before entering the park.

We had our pictures taken by kuya photographer of EK near the entrance but dang, I forgot to buy a copy! We rode The Grand Carousel twice because Karen and AJ was lost during our first ride. Then Flying Fiesta to 4D feat Pirates and … i forgot the title. Haha! To Rialto – oh my, the featured movie was boring. To Space Shuttle. It wasn’t my first time to ride the shuttle but it still gave me the first-time feeling. To Jungle Log Jam, early wet look. To Anchor’s Away and Up, Up and Away which I didn’t ride in because those are the dizzyness rides.

4D 8DJovy, Nikki, Karen, Roxy and Keiyt.

Then we were supposed to eat pizza but Domino’s closed. So we texted Kuya Jonjon (the driver) to go back (he went to his home) and we went out and ate again. Everyone started to smile because we were already full. After resting for almost an hour, we went back and checked out the Wheel of Fate, Rio Grande Rapids (twice because Karen and AJ were left at the Wheel) and SRR: X, Jungle Log Jam again, Space Shuttle again, Flying Fiesta again… Then took pictures at Boulderville.

Aj, Nikki, Jovy (being smacked by) Karen, Roxy and Robert.Oh, `kay.

We changed clothes and took pictures outside the park. Waited for the crappy fireworks. And went to this KFC, still at Sta. Rosa and ate. Oh my, thank you Kuya KFC, he gave us a lot of gravy! I had Venti Caramel Frap shared with my friends, of course because it’s so big haha! YUUM~


Caramel Frap (mmm)

I arrived here at home at 2AM. Oh well, the day-night was oh-so-nice. Though we were only seven OHHHHHHH, it was fuuuuun! There are lot of experiences which I won’t never forget. Cheers to single ladies and gentlemen! =)