Never let go

Sleepless nights to saturday night outs. Cramming to partying. Studying to doing nothing. I am embracing the whole break and never will I let go. I was out last saturday night to attend my friend’s debut. It was super fun because other friends were there, too! We had a wild night just because we are free to. This will be filled with pictures.

IMG_0904 IMG_0898

IMG_0882 IMG_0881 IMG_0867IMG_0858 IMG_0851 IMG_0832 IMG_0884

It was a memorable night. Because I love being with my friends, I enjoyed much. Happy Birthday Cheng! (:

the post party (:

We went to eat/drink at Pier One. I should have eaten a meal but sisig, bicol express and crispy pata was fine without rice. And they gave us a cake, too! It was really surprising ’cause they were pretending that it was moving, I thought it was a frog. They got part poppers, too! (:

Because of a dare, we had to treat them (Robert and Lyca) with coffee. We went to Kopiroti, talked more about Paula. We didn’t stay for long cause it was late na. Past 11pm, we were on our way at Lyca’s place at Whispering.

We arrived there past 12 then we walked to the clubhouse but we were invited to eat/drink at Lyca’s tita’s house. We stayed for almost 2 hours listening to robert and ija and other people singing. The bisaya manong (older man) was really an entertainer. ((: Laugh laugh laugh.

Then, before 3am, we walked to the clubhouse. Lyca, Robert and Ija dived into the pool. It was really cold so Camz and I decided not to swim. Lyca’s tito and cousin went there, too. They brought the sanmiglights. At 5am, we were ready to go. (:

We went back at lyca’s place but decided to go back at the clubhouse ’cause we don’t have place to sleep. We had 3 rounds of playing cards then quit then slept haha. We went back and luckily, everyone was up na so we had place to sleep na. (:

Because it was fiesta at their place, all we did was to eat and eat and eat. (: It was really fun though we were only 5 haha. (: thank you to her tita, she offered us a lot talaga. (:


I didn’t have much fun on my birthday but I am very very very (and VERY) happy. My college friends didn’t greet me not till 3pm then they gave me a big card. They made our classmates write.. pero not all of them were able to write. (: I love them for this:


My other friends greeted me in their own way. I love them for remembering one special day of my life. And online people, thank you for all the greetings. (: I couldn’t count how many of you greeted me but it made me very happy that almost all of you did.

My college friends and I dined at Pizza Hut Recto since it was the nearest resto from Sir Vince’s office. I planned to get my phone from Nokia Care but I arrived late at SM North. I got it yesterday and I am very very happy (:

As I was filling up information for BPI (Basic Personality Inventory, the psychological test we administered to the class) answer sheet which includes age… I kinda freaked out. I was used to writing 17 and that exact date, I wrote 18. It’s still quite confusing. Haha (: I’m loving my age.

And yes, clubbing on 13th (:

and omg, sad i wasn’t able to attend wordcamp ): i really wanted to. boooo. and speaking of wordpress, 2.6.2? argh.