25th of December

Few minutes left before Jesus’ birthday again! Let’s celebrate for He is the King!

Say what, I’ve got one big present this year. I passed CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test) Professional Level. It is big deal for me. My father kept on bullying me days before the exam asking ‘Do you have what it takes to pass the exam?’ – I took it an an insult not a motivation ass but I really didn’t study for the exam. Stubborn, yeah. I was not even sure if I’d pass or what. I have nothing to brag but the pure luck!

My friends made it to the list to so we’re going to partey partey partey next year for this! We definitely wont miss to celebrate! Hahaha!  So cheers to everyone who passed the October 17, 2010 CSE-PPT!

I’ve actually received a lot this year so thank You, Lord!

I’ll be dropping by in your blogs next time! Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas! :eyes:

We will start a new

I finally watched Miss You Like Crazy! The story was predictable. The middle part was the separation part and the ending was a happy one.

So why did I watch? Aside from the fact that I’m a fan of John Lloyd-Bea love team, I love modern fairy tales. I mean, every story (in movies or in real life) has its down/sad part, right? But good things happen, mostly, in the end. Everyone has to wait for their happy ending ’cause there will be lots.

I don’t know if we are starting a new (though we haven’t really started something) but the fact that we’re back like the old days keep me hoping for a happy ending.

Poster from: Star Cinema Multiply

Happy Feb

Maybe I’ll settle for this wp theme for now. I just needed a change here. I’d like to make my own theme but I don’t have Photoshop for now. FML

Happy February, girls and boys. Time flies too fast but I didn’t realize (I actually didn’t like to realize) it was again love month and still, I am loveless. Who needs love? I’m willing to share because I’ve got plenty of it! Please want it. I guess I’m never mabenta.

Do you like to hear an almost love story? I’ll reserve that rant next time when I already have time to think about it. Haha