Easy writing

I have a serious deadline today and I’m beating 5pm so I can rest and go to the hospital and have myself checked by a doctor. I called in sick because of this paper which really gave me headaches earlier when I got up.

This is yet another school paper which I haven’t started until first of January. And boy, it isn’t fun and easy to write especially I don’t have any idea what to write. Good thing I was able to download few more readings which is quite relevant to my study and yes, whatever.

Too Forward

Real work has started this week. We started making calls, and more calls and more calls. Yes my friends, I don’t see myself doing this for a long time AGAIN. I don’t like talking too much over the phone – and not with a Blackberry that is too small to hold.

But in all fair, I enjoy all the sarcasm I can use while on a call. Seriously, that’s just fun most of the time.

The joy of providing people with a job. Ohhh. 🙂

Semestral Break

I can no longer say it’s summer break because I have none. I still have a job to attend to and especially I will be moving into another company. April is so busy for me. There have been my resignation, final papers for school, Palawan getaway with JP and again, start a new career with a new job. There’s so much to do, so little time.

I was supposed to post an updated how to get a police clearance but I’ll hold on to that post since I have to do something about my clearance. There’s a typographical error in my middle name and it sucks to come back there. So much hassle. All I know is the clearance costs more than it did way back 2011. There are new processes and new place as well. However, nothing has changed with the people around. Read: Very unfriendly personnel with additional uncalled for statements. So you might want to check back for any update if you’re looking for one.

So the semester has officially ended for me (or not until I see my grades if I get to process my webmail account). If not much of my stupidity, I would have done that a long time. But I never thought I would be needing such cos I don’t borrow books at all. :p

Oh just needing all the good lucks for both of my subjects and the following semester and all busy stuff this month.