Friday Traffic

No one would forget that Friday traffic. It wasn’t pay day, it wasn’t raining, it was just an ordinary day. I am over the fact that I traveled more than 3 hours from work (Makati) to Quezon City last Friday. Oh, this is to remind myself that I traveled the same hours from Quezon City to Makati in the morning, same day.

Probably by this time everyone knows that the reason behind all that traffic was Caloocan City’s ordinance to keep one lane for trucks at some land of their city. As if trucks are some unwanted thimajings.

I don’t think it’s because there’s too much truck travelling in the city; I don’t think these trucks are too small or too big to travel in the city; I don’t think we can keep them from travelling during the day. These trucks, transporting the different goods, are part of our economy.

The government shall build, expand and do whatever it takes to make more roads. INVEST MORE ON INFRASTRUCTURE, well apart from education. If we would have more roads, there won’t be restrictions on which vehicle to travel. If we would have better mass transportation system, there won’t even be a need for Filipinos to bring their cars around the city.

As if this would make a difference.

Trucks are beautiful, with bright lights.


All Up and Running

A week ago, I added a sub-domain to run a test and experiment on my  plans to put up a my own job portal. Oh wow. Yeah, how ambitious. It’s actually just for personal gain, highly enrich my pool of candidates because I feel like this is the career for me.  Not even thinking how I would make it big but just to have a site go live.

While trying to fix things and upgrade few content management system, lalalala, my disk space usage exceeded. HATE THAT RED SIGN. SRSLY. So when I couldn’t find where the fudge is making my disk so full, I deleted the whole home root and tada, good bye all content files.

Congrats now, I was able to find things around.. yet I can’t pull out my other blog. Oh help me God. 🙁

Updated How To Get A Police Clearance From Quezon City Hall 2013

This is an update from what I used to blog before about the same. I have my own reasons why I needed a new blog post for this. So much explaining that you wouldn’t even bother.

The Police Clearance area is now located near LTO of Quezon City Compound (Kalayaan Avenue). I can’t remember the Gate number from LTO. I’m bad with directions as well.


A valid ID that shows your home address (original and photocopy)
(Or make it 2 just in case!)

Fees in Peso:

100 Police Clearance
100 ID / Picture
5 Wet Tissue

1. Present your original and photocopied valid ID at Window 1. You’ll be given an application form. Fill out the form.

They used to require barangay clearance which I believe I wasn’t carrying. Kindly bring 2 valid IDs just in case.

There would be people approaching you to write your personal details and I swear it would be a WTF moment. If you have your own hands to write, refrain from paying.

2. After filling out the form, go to directly to Window 2. Secure your payment request form.

3. Pay the necessary fee (P100) at the Treasury Office (correct me if I’m wrong). The office is behind the Landbank.

Note: It’s where you get and pay for your Cedula, too!
Tip: Please read their ENTRANCE and EXIT ONLY sign.

It was more organized than before. But I just can’t help but comment on what I heard from one of the staff. “Mahiya naman kayo, si _____ pa ang nagaayos sainyo,” said by a woman who’s about late forties or early fifties. I don’t even know who the guy was and I don’t fucking care. Public service at its finest, ma’am.

4. After paying, go back to the Police Clearance area. Have your fingerprints printed on your form.

Tip: (Most of the blogs I used as reference for my personal trip and) based on my experience they sell wet tissue/wipes for P5! But I do suggest you bring your own to save money. Haha

Don’t be surprised because they would ask you randomly, “Gusto niyo po magpa-rush? P100 lang.“. I bluntly said no because I had a lot of time then. And I really won’t pay that much.

5. Proceed to the room where you would have to present your form and pay (again). Note: You can’t enter when your fingers still do have mark of the ink. They would suggest you to buy wet tissue for P5 (again). I didn’t buy, the guard gave me a used one because I was only wiping my fingers with an ordinary tissue. Free, used and useful.

There would be lines for paying the Police Clearance ID. Someone asked me, “Magbabayad po ba ulit?“. So I asked from one of the staff because the last time I processed, it was just P50 for a photo and now it’s P100.. Or was it P150? They didn’t have IDs back then just a lame webcam photo.

6. After paying, proceed to the next step. Hand the staff your payment slip and application form. Wait for your name to be called.

Have your picture taken and signature. Look closely to your name, there might be corrections.

Exit the room and be surprised by the people who will stare at you for a moment.

7. Wait for your name to be called for police clearance and Police clearance ID.

I seriously don’t know what it is for. Do i get free reprinting of my Police Clearance when I present them the ID? If you know the answer, let me and the readers know.

Wrong information printed on your clearance and ID?

They do change and update but with a cost for reprinting of both Police Clearance and the PC ID. Costs P50 with receipt. Or if you would never be vigilant, people from their helpdesk (outside the room; See step 5) would just ask you to write the correction and have you wait outside and pay P100 without receipt.

I am a receipt-oriented person so I religiously ask for one if I’m transacting. 😉

The process is fast just like before because people rarely apply for this. Enjoying applying to get one! 🙂