How To Get A Police Clearance From Quezon City Hall

The Police Clearance area is located near the Gate 3 (East Avenue).


  • A barangay clearance or
  • an ID that shows your address

Fees in Peso:

  • 100 Police Clearance
  • 50 Digital Photo (by that I mean, a photo taken with a webcam)
  • 5 Wet tissue

1. Present your original and photocopied barangay clearance or ID in Window 1 . You’ll be given an application form. Fill out the form.

2. After filling out the form, go to directly to Window 2: Interview. If you don’t look suspicious or the clerk is busy chatting, s/he won’t interview you. You’ll be given a payment form.

3. Pay the necessary fee (P100) in the Treasury Office (correct me if I’m wrong). The office is behind the Landbank.

Note: It’s where you get a Cedula, too!
Tip: Please read their ENTRANCE and EXIT ONLY sign.

4. After paying, go back to the Police Clearance area. Have your fingerprints printed in your form.

Tip: (Most of the blogs I used as reference for my personal trip) they sell wet tissue/wipes for P5! But I do suggest you bring your own to save money. Haha

5. Proceed to Window 5. Present your receipt and form to the clerk who’s composing a text message (or texting). Pay P50 for the digital photo. Have your photo taken and wait for your digital photo receipt.

6. Proceed to Window 6. Present your application form and your receipt. Wait for your Police Clearance to be printed.

Before you leave, you might want to check the details. If there’s an error, they will reprint it for free!

Viola! The process is real fast! 😉 The people are somewhat accomodating. Except for one who walked across near the counter and expected to be excused immediately. She did excuse herself, (yes, polite) TWICE to different people/group. In my honest opinion, she could have walked outside the window lanes and not right in front of the counter where people were having transactions.

Don’t lose your temper when there are insensitive people who are trying to cut the line. For good sake, there were only 3-4 people before his turn and he was even inviting his friend to join him break-off the line. Mind you, he’s not in his senior years nor disabled. He even defended himself by telling he’s in the front row. So what?

Honestly, I went out with pure belief that I won’t be pissed off by any situation but those two experiences… Ugh.

PR: How important?

I am not a pro blogger. You see, I only blog about what I think is interesting and most especially, my personal life. I don’t even update this site as often as I used to. Well, I do make posts (but hide) because most of them are advertisements and reviews – posts that will make good money.

I recently checked my page rank and got a zero. Sweet. At least it isn’t N/A. Of course, it can’t be! This has been up for 3 years!

I miss the times I make posts and people would comment as if my entry was that amazing and interesting and I would do the same favor to their site. Boosting my site and their site.

Probably the lack of interesting entries here and people’s change of blogging platform preference set to Tumblr. Ha, this is so sad. I don’t like to set this site to Tumblr because it will just mess up stuffs and I don’t know. I am not open to it.

Is WordPress really going down? Hope not!

How to Live A Happy Life

1. Don’t get affected by insults you get from your own family. They are just annoying the hell out of you.

2. Read a lot of feel-good books.

3. Listen to a lot of feel-good books.

4. Write a lot!

Okay. I am not living a happy life yet. No, I am not being emotional right now. I’m setting some perspectives or some sort.