Banchetto 11-11-11

When I read about the wishing lantern event of Banchetto through Facebook, sinabihan ko na agad friends ko para magkita kita na rin kami. Walang nag confirm agad so wala kaming nabiling lanterns. Mabilis kumalat yung announcement through Facebook, e. But we still decided to witness the event itself plus to eat as well.

Nagdala ako ng comfy clothes na ipapamalit sa work clothes ko kasi na-anticipate kong maraming tao talaga lalo na may event pa. Pina-ship ko pa nga thru LBC yung work related things ko para hindi hassle sa akin pati na sa mga tao along the food area.

Nakipagkita ako with J and friends, Tin and Aubrey sa Megamall around 7pm. We also happened to saw one of our college classmaate, Geranie too! She was waiting for her brother so they can go home together. We were also informed that the lantern activity wont push through because of safety reasons. Okay then. Good thing I was with my food buddies so carry lang naman na walang lanterns; wala rin naman kaming lanterns na napa-reserve e. Pigout kung pigout lang. Also, nagcra-crave ako at si J ng kebab. 😉

Pag labas namin ng mall, umaabon. We walked our way to different taxi terminals but to no avail. Ang haba na ng pila, wala pang dumadaan na taxi. Naglakad pa kami hanggang Shang kasi I thought since puro rich naman pumupunta doon, malamang hindi na nila kailangan ng taxi. But no, there were other people in line and most of them mga teens probably headed to Megatent, too. Luckily, when we were supposed to walk going to Teleperformance (meron kasing taxi lane sa tapat nila e), merong dumaan na taxi na baba na yung pasahero, still in Shang area.

Super traffic left to right. Ang dami na naming napagkwentuhan ng friends ko. Work related, lovelife, and whatnot. Ang dapat na P60 or less fare expense, naging P100! Gusto ko na ngang maglakad na lang kahit from Tektite na lang kaso kawawa naman si manong driver na maiipit sa taxi, diba?

Pag dating namin sa gate mga 9pm na, may mga parang security personnel na sinasabing wala nang magaganap na pagpapa-light ng lanterns. Keriboom. Tumuloy pa rin kami and other people.

Nagsimula na kaming maghanap ng food. Narinig namin na walang kebab for the night so nalungkot din si J. He was at Banchetto-Forum the other midnight and meron daw kebab. Hindi lang siya kumain kasi gusto niya sabay kami kumain kasi matagal na kaming nagcra-crave.

We got lucky buying drinks! Pila na pala yung pinipilahan namin. But got unlucky for the next tent na pinuntahan namin. Nakuha na ang order namin pero nahuli pa kami sa queue. What? Hindi na rin ako nagpaka-BV. Baked Mac na deceiving! HAHA and rice sticks from the only (ata) korean food tent that night!

We were lucky to secure 3 chairs. Pinadala ko kay J at nakahanap kami ng table na half e walang gumagamit kasi walang chairs. Though gilid siya ng trash bags. ):

There were hundreds of people who were disappointed. They weren’t not able to read the update Banchetto posted in their Facebook fanpage. They didn’t have an idea that the activity was cancelled.

If only Banchetto has anticipated the safety while planning and if they had meeting with the barangay officials and building owners before announcing the event, there wouldn’t be an activity.

Sayang naman kasi yung hassle na dinanas nila sa traffic at pagdadala ng dslr at pag pila ng magandang damit diba? Haha! Pero seriously, there were claims na galing pa sila sa nearby provinces para sa event na yon. Almost everyone who wanted to witness the activity saved the date. Sabi kasi nung nag jibber jabber sa microphone kahapon, natutuwa siya kasi nakikita na raw niya yung Emerald that night. So I assumed na kapag wala silang announced big time activity, hindi maraming tao unlike sa Emerald before. Marami nga naman talagang tao kagabi.

Sana hindi na lang din sila nagpa-park sa loob at ginamit na lang nila yon for the food tents. Ewan ko ba kung bakit trip na trip nila yung ganoong siksikan. Hindi naman same sa ibang food night market ha?

Some people chose to bitchfit and some chose to enjoy the night! I can’t blame them especially those who were deeply hurt and  disappointed, I would had chosen to bitchfit, too but 11-11-11 is such a beautiful day! I didn’t need to wish at all because I can make anything possible when I want to! I didn’t need to wish because praying is easier than wishing and hoping.

Movie: 10 Promises To My Dog

A Japanese movie released way back 2008 is about Akari, (her dog) Socks, and the 10 promises to a dog! These are the 10 promises:

1) Listen patiently to what I have to say.
2) Trust me, for I am always on your side.
3) Play with me a lot.
4) Don’t forget that I have feelings too.
5) Let’s never fight, ‘Cause someday, I’ll be big enough to win.
6) If I don’t obey you, I have a good reason.
7) You have school, and friends. But as for me, I only have you.
8) Stay my best friend even when I’m old.
9) I’ll only live about ten years, so let’s make every moment count.
10) I’ll never forget our life together. So when my time comes, please be by my side.

When I heard of the 7th promise, I just wanted to cry. I feel like animals now. Like how they should be treated and be loved. We have cats and they depend on us in terms of food, water and shelter. They only have us. No one else.

Akari actually didn’t keep her promises as she had to leave for work and thought of Socks as a burden. Ah, especially when her childhood friend came back from abroad. My sister commented, “Ano ba yan si Akari, lumalandi pa kasi.”

I’d give this movie 8 ★s out of 10. It moved me, even made me cry! Though I thought there were boring parts, too. If you want to watch it, click here. It’s the first part/eight parts from YouTube. Enjoy!


I was supposed to post an audio blog weeks ago (and I tried posting again this week) but I failed. Something’s wrong and I don’t know what it is! I’ll figure it out sometime.

Anyway, I’m doing the 30-day letter tumblr challenge. I’m on my 5th letter today. (: And hey, I’ve thought of publishing my letters to my future boyfriend, too. I called it the dear future boyfriend project.

I’ve been writing to him since last year. No, I’m not writing because I am desperate to find love. I just thought this would be fun.  I could not remember why I did but it was for a certain guy I liked. Since he’s no longer available, the letters are not for him anymore. Ha, imagine I really thought I’ll be in a relationship with that gay? If you want to contribute your own letter to your own future boyfriend, then send them here.

I want to write letters for my friends like I used to but we don’t see each other that often since school started. ): I should have thought of that last summer. But I will still write for them.

So, do you like writing letters?