Fashion sets

Such a loser, I am. I didn’t know polyvore exists. Well now I know. And I made an account. I like fashion and dressing up but I really don’t have good pieces (since I don’t have a doll body). So sites like this makes me happy and contented. Say what? Major rant, eh? Anyway, I made a few sets. Hope you like it.

This one I thought of wearing to school. Of course, not exactly the same items but the colors. I so love the sunglasses, btw.

This one is not so nice but I like it. Just so you know, I had low scores in my plates (art class) when I was in high school.

THIS. I love. I have this thing for floral. Never had a piece but I want one even though the trend’s dying now. The vintage hair pins are awesomepie.

Will post more soon. Hihi. I really love this site. Don’t ask me to dress you up ’cause I’m no expert. But I’ll try if you’re willing to trust me. HAHA. Anyway, give it a try and you add me, k?

Noah’s Park Resort at Montalban, Rizal

My college friends and I went to Noah’s Park (Montalban, Rizal) last week to celebrate the summer vacation. We are not that free from school works yet we decided to push this get together.


Noah’s Park Resort at Montalban, Rizal

The entrance fee is reasonable. The area is well-maintained. The shower/comfort rooms have nice interiors. For 120 pesos/head, you can enjoy day swimming from 8am to 5pm. Night swimming will cost 150 pesos/head from 6pm to 12mn. Entrance is free for kids not more than 1 year old.

They have 3 pools. The first pool you will see is the main non-themed pool. 3ft to 5 1/2ft in height. The two other pools are themed with rocks and stones with matching cool water falls. The middle pool is 5ft to almost 6ft in height. The last pool is made for kids; probably 3ft flat in height.

We got a kubo near the main pool for 400 pesos. The kubo is good for 5-6 persons. For more info about their rates, please check out

Other amenities:

Mini bar where you can buy foods, drinks, ice tubes (30 pesos per plastic) and useful stuff for swimming.

Videoke machine. You can sing your favorite songs for only 5 pesos per song.

The one who assisted us was very accommodating and friendly. She even wanted us to take the resort’s service van to the main place so we won’t sweat going there. Later we did realize that it wasn’t that far from the entrance. So thank you, madam!

For directions, please check out For pictures, please check out Click the next link to view their contact numbers,

I don’t know why I was suddenly in the mood to write a review, heh. 😉

What’s new and green?

Friendster, hello?

I just opened my account today to check out on what’s really new aside from their logo and the color. Then I found out that the font and photos are a lot bigger now; they have more games but not as good as Facebook’s though; the interface’s looks busy, busy and messy. One thing I liked in this new update is their login page!


Funky, really suggested a change.


Others think that Friendster is trying hard for changing and attracting new users (and somehow old users to come back). They actually succeeded. Weren’t you curious and you just logged in to your account? It gave them millions of hits.

Now, I’m off to read all the testimonials I had since 2004. Reminisce, reminisce, emo time. Yo! Imagine, my account was up for 5 years! Cheers to Friendster people! :up: