Face problems

My mother is so vain that her face suddenly build up acne. She would buy different acne treatment cream and yet it’s still the same. I hope there’s an ultimate treatment for everyone who has acne, not just my mother. Everyone just like to look good so they deserve the best treatment cream, right? The price is also a factor. If a product is expensive, then no one will buy it even though it is very effective.

Ready for your SAT?

I know the feeling of looking for a school to go in college. It is not easy to apply when your SAT score’s low. Though if you’re aiming for an ivy school, it would be helpful if you take sat prep courses. Be confident during taking your SAT and ace it. Just to be fully prepared for your future. Then good luck to your SAT!

Insurance Policy

Personally, I want to get an insurance but I don’t have any work yet. I think I should wait for good paying work before getting a life insurance policy. Of course, insurances are expensive but just because they will insure your life. Well, I will get one when I have a work. For now, I will enjoy my life to the fullest! No worries yet!