Books after books after books

School has started last Saturday and that left me with a lot of

readings for one class. Of course, for me not be left out during discussion I need to read a lot (in which I never encountered during college because we were never given syllabus). Also almost finished the pages for our report topic. There’s still a lot to read. Good thing time flies even at 3 hour class!

I am thinking of purchasing Nexus 7 for my reading. But let’s see on Christmas day. On whatever I should give myself as a gift for working hard. Charot.


Currently downloading albums from 90s and other songs 10 years older. Oh and by the way, we got a new printer at home. It has a scanner option, oh great. My sister and I started scanning our study notes to get rid off the old papers! Let me show you how I was able to pass college.

The Rage of Boredom

I have a thing for cats (you should know about that) and… stars cialis alternative (easiest to draw)!

Why, yes, there’s an army and random

And I don’t know why when I need to memorize something (that might be in the test under enumeration), I tend to write everything overlapping my notes. Such a mess. lol

I love my notes this way 🙂

I might be back to school next semester. Well, I just hope I do pass. I just don’t know about my work. Doodle, cheers!

2nd semester

  • 150 more hours of Practicum
  • Finalizing thesis
  • Thesis defense
  • Physics lecture and laboratory :-&
  • Hassle grades compilation
  • Applying for graduation

Yes yes yo. I’m expecting to graduate next year. Hrhrhr.

Congratulations to my online friend and birthdate mate, Kels! Pumasa ng LET. Teacher na teacher na. Idol ((: