So the E U R O P E planning has to be parked for now as I scored a J A P A N seat sale last December 2017. My ticket doesn’t include a baggage yet as it is easy to add it on later. Cost of roundtrip Manila – Osaka – Tokyo – Manila is Php 2,204.98.

The piso seat sale came as a surprise. I was out with Lyan and his friends in Butuan, particularly at Boys. The Cebu Pacific mobile web was surprisingly fast and responsive so even I had an issue (searching for a different flight which wiped out my previous search), my second search came through and I got to pay without a sweat!

This roundtrip ticket is second to the cheapest international airfare I have booked! Hopefully, I get to fly this flight though.


Travel is an escape for me. Planning a trip is partially escaping my reality so it has begun. Probably you do not know this about me because it’s your first time here on my blog: I am a cheapskate. Earning from my day job (not that I have other jobs) and saving as much as possible – or not because I enjoy Iced Shaken Hibiscus tea with Pomegranate Pearls a lot- is a hard thing to do.

In the next few days, I must live the frugal life again. Did you know? Back in 2015, for me to afford my month-long Southeast Asia trip (Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore), I kept my Debit/ATM card at home for weeks until I reached my target. I was on a strict budget which made me sounded so pathetic. Especially when I had to phone my mother and suggested that I take a different route back home on a rainy night which would cost me more than I had. Plus they had to pick me up somewhere near our place. Of course she didn’t agree to it. I ended up walking my way to EDSA to catch on my bus. My feet were soaked and I wanted to give up that trip.

The positive thing I could think of that scenario was I lost 18 kilos that year. But I am slowly gaining it back so it doesn’t matter now.

Anyhow, apart from I look forward with the dietary impact of this travel, I am ecstatic as ever to plan ahead. This maybe a dream for now but I know I will be able to make it happen in December 2018. Or early 2019. Or late 2019. Let’s see how this goes in the next few months.

Countries of interest: Spain – France – Italy

Budget including the airfare, visas, travel insurance: Php 170,000.

Let the planning begins.

Indochina – X

I had no travel insurance because at last minute I decided I could save the money for other things; if I die, I die.

Which led me to mantra I-do-not-have-a-travel-insurance every time I get into trouble or I felt that a bad decision could be the cause of my death.

It’s safe to travel solo in Cambodia – Vietnam – Laos – Thailand. There were no major drama and hassle apart from the usual scams. Maybe it pays to be a Southeast Asian girl – I look like a local.

How many times did I walk around at night?

1. When I knew there was KFC 10 steps away from my hostel at Phnom Penh.

2. The night I arrived at Ha Noi and was dropped off 10 blocks away from my hostel which happened to be in a small alley and walked around again to find food.

3. Walk back to hostel from afternoon stroll at Luang Prabang (includes night market).

4. Another walk from and to hostel to eat around the night market at Luang Prabang.

5. The night I arrived at Vientiane and the tuktuk driver forgot to drop me off at my hostel. He said “it’s just 5 minute walk” and grinned annoyingly. Thank God for working Google Maps, I was able to locate the hostel!

In all fairness, I felt safe but came to realize now that I could be found dead at any spot but I was not.