Valentine’s and more

One thing I realized: I am not really tired of doing work. I just don’t have that motivation to wake up early. I have one more late credit and that must not be used! I don’t want to be terminated because of late late late.

This week was a-ok. I spent Valentine’s with my officer in a career fair. Imagine having bad sore feet at the end of the day. </3 The best thing about that was I saw a friend from college in the event! I saw my friend, Lerry, too and he even gave me a chocolate bar.

The best thing was the students showed up for their exam and interview schedule. Awesome. I have more scheduled students next week and they have confirmed already. Such the best career fair, ever.

Right now, I will fail again because we’re prioritizing an opening and it sucks. It’s for our Australia. It’s really hard to look for a telemarketer who will do multiple interviews. Can I just say this, I hate you for backing out for the position. *Insert curse words here* Sorry, can’t help it. Everything’s fucked off, posting all my might isn’t working at all so we had to do paid ads. Whatever.

And I’m tired of ranting. /Endless work.

2012: Oh, Work

It’s been more than two months since my last post. Guilty. There are just two possible reasons why, anyway:

1. I’m enjoying doing my work

2. I’m so tired everyday of doing work

Let us not talk about work because this blog is not about my work but my life. Oh wait, doesn’t having a work and my work part of my life? Loljk. Whatever.

Right now, I’ll be looking for a goodie good theme so I could (of course) replace the theme you might not be seeing now. Sorry, my mind’s a mess.

What I really want to do lately is bring back my old blogger side. Meet awesome people and know about their lives. But again, work is – Ughhh, why is work always connected?

Let’s start over.

There’s nothing new in my life because I have no such social life or any life at all. And that’s because of yes, you know what it is.

I don’t blame having a work at all. I do love my work because for four months, I searched for the perfect one. I even posted begging-like entries in my other blog. Frustrated much those times.

I am close into deleting one of my categories (School).

Gaah. Kthanksbye.