Don’t let others sleep

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to attend my friend’s birthday celebration. It was our group’s first overnight! We sang from 1am till past 6am… till someone actually said, “Mag pa-tulog naman kayo! (Let others sleep!)”. It was their neighbor and my friend’s mom said we shouldn’t had stopped because it was the first time they had an after celeb at home compared to their neighbors who always had parties and videoke nights.

Anyways,  we went to the back of their house (where the videoke and billiards were) and started playing and singing!


We were called out to prepare but we did play and sing more. We could be the reason why the party started 9pm, that late!

Superb college friends

Oh, I put my camera to multiple shots setting and here is the ugly outcome due to no-flash shots hahahahaha

And this was the arte shot taken outside the party place (:


This day to day time with these awesome friends was awesome! Hahahaha! I know this will happen again next time!


    Me loves your layout :) and i super like out-of-the-town crazy trips with friends! glad you had fun. sayang i don't have friends who'll be celebrating their 18th anymore. :P O DIBA ANG KONYO :))

    Erika | 9 years ago Reply

    oo nga, don't let them sleep. pake nila. hahaha :)) kj naman. haha

    Fia | 9 years ago Reply

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