Friday Traffic

No one would forget that Friday traffic. It wasn’t pay day, it wasn’t raining, it was just an ordinary day. I am over the fact that I traveled more than 3 hours from work (Makati) to Quezon City last Friday. Oh, this is to remind myself that I traveled the same hours from Quezon City to Makati in the morning, same day.

Probably by this time everyone knows that the reason behind all that traffic was Caloocan City’s ordinance to keep one lane for trucks at some land of their city. As if trucks are some unwanted thimajings.

I don’t think it’s because there’s too much truck travelling in the city; I don’t think these trucks are too small or too big to travel in the city; I don’t think we can keep them from travelling during the day. These trucks, transporting the different goods, are part of our economy.

The government shall build, expand and do whatever it takes to make more roads. INVEST MORE ON INFRASTRUCTURE, well apart from education. If we would have more roads, there won’t be restrictions on which vehicle to travel. If we would have better mass transportation system, there won’t even be a need for Filipinos to bring their cars around the city.

As if this would make a difference.

Trucks are beautiful, with bright lights.



    Traffic in Manila is the worst, I guess. I've only lived in Manila for 2 weeks now, and I can't help but compare it to Cebu. Also, Singapore always comes to mind when talking about transportation system. Theirs is very efficient. I wonder when the Philippines will ever get to that level.

    Mikyu | 4 years ago Reply

    Totally agree! Traffic in Metro Manila is bothering me na. Crazy traffic everyday. Gosh, you spent 6 hours on the road? Pretty crazyy!!

    Steph | 4 years ago Reply

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