Hooray! I should have purchased this long time ago. Special thanks to Ate Kisty.

As you see, there’s nothing much in here yet. But I fixed the pages and other stuffs. I am using a free layout I got from ThemeLab and making my own one soon. Or probably, I will modify a theme. Whatever.

I need link exchanges. So if you’re interested, please go to my links page, go to my contact-me page, type LINKEXCHANGE as the subject and I will link you immediately. If you’re going to link this (and linking my two other sites), please do not remove sychi.pinkista.net and paintmy-world.com in your links. They are still up. Show them some love. (:

This site is still sick but surely I will find time to revamp it. Thanks for the drop! Later.


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    Mr WordPress | 10 years ago Reply

    Yeah, I'm first. :) You're linked na ha! :D Congraaats~!

    Kisty | 10 years ago Reply

    congrats on the new site :) we're going to fill out the form now :D

    Sweetie&Bunny | 10 years ago Reply

    HI KEIYT!!!!!!!!! *waves* Heehee! Congrats!

    Gel | 10 years ago Reply

    yehey! congrats for the new website! :D

    tiniwini | 10 years ago Reply

    HELLO! Haha. :)) Love the domain name. Its very simple... and its your name! :D

    Yvette | 10 years ago Reply

    I love the domain cupkeiyt!

    casey | 10 years ago Reply

    Hui, panu ba bumili... i dont have a credit card like yours...i dont know how to purchase and like can i pay you nalang for the site...card mo nalang gamitin....gusto ko din ng bnok.com hehehehehehehehe....kung pede lang.......lablab....:)

    bnok | 10 years ago Reply

    gratssss! hephep huuuraaayy XD

    Cayenne | 10 years ago Reply

    bago nanaman! HAHA 3 blogs then may multiply ka pa >.< dalian mo na gumawa ng layout heehee para hindi brownout sa blog mo lol

    Kash | 10 years ago Reply

    curious ako bkt mo naisipan bumili ng isa pang domain? hmmm heehehe

    Aisha | 10 years ago Reply

    wow..new domain..so this is it..better late than never sis..:D ahehe..:)

    honie | 10 years ago Reply

    Finally. I can access your site na. I can't access your subdomain remember? Hehehe. :p Congratulations on the new domain name. Parehos pa tayo ng layout date. Nung bagong bagong bago pa ang superweirdo. Hehehe. :D

    MikaMikMiks | 10 years ago Reply

    Hello Keiyt!! Nakz! New domain!! Heehee! Na-link ko na to sa tatlong blogs ko. :P

    Ariane | 10 years ago Reply

    I like the new layout :) linked this na. good luck and congrats with your new site.

    toni | 10 years ago Reply

    wow, may bagong domain ka nanaman. :) congrats sa bagong bahay mo. link kita agad. :)

    Hachi | 10 years ago Reply

    wow sis, nice site, addik s blog, sure lets have a link ex:D

    Jhoice | 10 years ago Reply

    yay! keiyt.com woot! good luck sa pag maintain. hahahaha!

    nix | 10 years ago Reply

    hi! i like the colors. XD i just had a new site, too. but im just being hosted and it's not yet up as well. sure i will apply for link exchange. :D

    chiui | 10 years ago Reply

    goodluck on your blog... take care

    irish | 10 years ago Reply

    my cousin broke her nose on a bad bike accident and he got a nose job.*:*

    Joe Mason | 8 years ago Reply

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