I was supposed to post an audio blog weeks ago (and I tried posting again this week) but I failed. Something’s wrong and I don’t know what it is! I’ll figure it out sometime.

Anyway, I’m doing the 30-day letter tumblr challenge. I’m on my 5th letter today. (: And hey, I’ve thought of publishing my letters to my future boyfriend, too. I called it the dear future boyfriend project.

I’ve been writing to him since last year. No, I’m not writing because I am desperate to find love. I just thought this would be fun.  I could not remember why I did but it was for a certain guy I liked. Since he’s no longer available, the letters are not for him anymore. Ha, imagine I really thought I’ll be in a relationship with that gay? If you want to contribute your own letter to your own future boyfriend, then send them here.

I want to write letters for my friends like I used to but we don’t see each other that often since school started. ): I should have thought of that last summer. But I will still write for them.

So, do you like writing letters?


    a tumblr challenge? Dat sounds cool! I am trying to view da syt sis but it says page loading error :( ANyway, Good luck sis. The title is cute :)

    Jhoice | 8 years ago Reply

    haha, whoever that "future" boyfie of yours, hope it will give you total happiness (: Sweet letters for sure <3

    anne | 8 years ago Reply

    wow.. cool niyan sis ah.. goodluck sayo! :up: mwua.. by the way, I miss ya!!! ;)

    RHEA | 8 years ago Reply

    i love writing letters. alam mo mas gusto ko pa makatanggap ng letter kesa sa ibang regalo. :)

    yeye | 8 years ago Reply

    natutuwa ako pag nakakabasa ako ng mga ganung letter yung para sa future boyfriend. haha. pero sometimes ung mga nakasulat dun hindi talaga nila kayang gawin. haha :D i like writing letters. :D

    Clarice | 8 years ago Reply

    Hi keiyt! Long time no visit ako dito. XD The idea of writing letters for your future bf is cute! I'd prolly be doing that if di ko pa namemeet bf ko. Pero tamad ako magsulat. Di ko nga ata nagawan ng letter bf ko kahit isang beses, di ako sweet! hehehe. Hope that future boyf enters your life very soon! :heart:

    Tin | 8 years ago Reply

    nice. i think i might submit my letter any time soon. that is, if i won't forget. ;)

    nix | 8 years ago Reply

    Hahahaha! Nakakatuwang trip naman to! =)) Astig. Minsan nga magsubmit ako dyan Kate =)) At oh, bakit sya naging gay? :O

    Ayokongmag-Pakilala | 8 years ago Reply

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