Max’s Pig Out Promo Part II

It's Back! Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can

So my pig out friends and I went to eat again. Last year, I had 4 quarter pieces! For this year, I had 5. Which is equal to 1 1/4 chicken! Totally worth the P199 plus P28 upgrade for bottomless drink!

We stayed at Max’s TriNoma for more than 3 hours. It’s because we haven’t seen each other for a long while and we really had to make kwento and chikka! Max’s people weren’t happy though. So we just gave them a love letter via feedback form! (:

Sorry for the gross picture! Haha! It simply shows that we really had fun and our tummies were satisfied! Thank God I am still alive.. until now!



    Lizz | 7 years ago Reply

    Man! I'm hungry for chicken! I haven't eaten at Max's for a long time. Mukang busog na busog kau ah. Yummy! ^_^

    Nagashiko | 7 years ago Reply

    you make me hungry.. now that explains why there are a lot of people at Max's yesterday.. LOL can u like share those? or not? like you have to finish the whole chicken?

    Melle lee | 7 years ago Reply

    oh snap!! i haven't tried that out yet! cant wait for next year!

    jar | 7 years ago Reply

    Ahhh thanks for making me crave for Max's! Haha. Now I want some chicken! Haven't had some from Max's for awhile now!

    Gel | 7 years ago Reply

    Oooh that's the promo my fiance has been bugging me about these past few weeks. He's been craving like a pregnant lady over it, he might even go gaga if we don't eat in Max's on our month-sary. :P haha It's really great to chill out with friends for hours at a resto, esp in a place like Max's, and with a promo like that, your bonding time is surely worth the tab. :D

    Mia | 7 years ago Reply

    Ohmygoood. I'll deff go to Max one of these days.

    Dianne | 7 years ago Reply

    OMG. I wanna pig out too. Ate at Yakimix yesterday! Haha Will eat at Max Chicken-all-you-can tomorrow~!

    Grysh | 7 years ago Reply

    seriously? as in all you can? sa lahat ba ng branch yan? gusto ko din nyan. yayayain ko nga friends ko hahahaha

    mei | 7 years ago Reply

    Waaaaaaaahhh hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin yan naeexperience!!! :((((((((

    Ayokongmag-Pakilala | 7 years ago Reply

    wow! nakakagutom naman yan sis! Gusto ko uli makakain sa max's for this! buti nalang binalik nila. harhar >:)

    Sandra | 7 years ago Reply

    omg! We tried this. At naumay ako sa chicken. SRSLY! Kahit mga 1 month akong hindi kumain ng chicken ayos lang. haha. :) Pero sulit naman talaga yun binayad namin!! :P <3 Jen

    Jen | 7 years ago Reply

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