Mountaineer me

Click the images to enlarge. 1st, the view from the top. 2nd, view from the school we went to.

Congratulations, we finished our experiment!!! We went down around 7am and arrived at the school at 7:45am. Yeah, we walked down. It was scary buwis-buhay (deadly) trip. Srsly, I wanted to cry when we reached the school! HAHAHAHA!

We walked uphill for more than an hour. I thought I was going to die – my heart was constantly palpitating. Good thing we had stop overs ’cause if not, I don’t think I’d survive. =))

Too bad we lacked time and we didn’t have the chance to go to Tagaytay. Well, there’s always next time. 😉 The trip was oh so fun though we didn’t last there for 24 hours. Heh.


    Tiningnan ko pa lang yung picture di ko alam kung makakasurvive ako. Nakakapagod yan, my gosh! Congrats for a job well done Keiyt! :)

    April | 8 years ago Reply

    that must be really really tiring yet fun.. the last time ive tried something like that was when i was in 1st year college.. lol

    Melle | 8 years ago Reply

    oooh san yan? i like nature. love the views :)) sayang di kayo nakapunta sa tagaytay hehe

    Mhaye | 8 years ago Reply

    Wow. saan iyan? at... bakit kayo nagpunta dyan? astig!

    Ayokongmag-Pakilala | 8 years ago Reply

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