Movie: 10 Promises To My Dog

A Japanese movie released way back 2008 is about Akari, (her dog) Socks, and the 10 promises to a dog! These are the 10 promises:

1) Listen patiently to what I have to say.
2) Trust me, for I am always on your side.
3) Play with me a lot.
4) Don’t forget that I have feelings too.
5) Let’s never fight, ‘Cause someday, I’ll be big enough to win.
6) If I don’t obey you, I have a good reason.
7) You have school, and friends. But as for me, I only have you.
8) Stay my best friend even when I’m old.
9) I’ll only live about ten years, so let’s make every moment count.
10) I’ll never forget our life together. So when my time comes, please be by my side.

When I heard of the 7th promise, I just wanted to cry. I feel like animals now. Like how they should be treated and be loved. We have cats and they depend on us in terms of food, water and shelter. They only have us. No one else.

Akari actually didn’t keep her promises as she had to leave for work and thought of Socks as a burden. Ah, especially when her childhood friend came back from abroad. My sister commented, “Ano ba yan si Akari, lumalandi pa kasi.”

I’d give this movie 8 ★s out of 10. It moved me, even made me cry! Though I thought there were boring parts, too. If you want to watch it, click here. It’s the first part/eight parts from YouTube. Enjoy!


    I saw this movie! It is so touching and it always reminds me to always value my time with my dog and make every moment special. :(

    Claudine | 7 years ago Reply

    I shall see this movie! :]

    Kimeh | 7 years ago Reply

    i've watched this movie as recommended by my bf and i was so touched with the movie. it really made me cry especially on the last part when socks about to die and she handed her right foot (if i'm not mistaken) to akari. that scene really made me cry. after watching the movie, i hugged my 2 dogs - brusco and beejay -- then i kissed them and told them that i really love them. i know they can feel it and they understand what i've told them. they may not utter the words but i know that they love me back because they licked my face so many times

    Simple things in mind | 7 years ago Reply

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