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Basing from my last update, we’re half through first semester. We’ve successfully hosted a mini seminar. There were major adjustments done ’cause our event date was moved and moved back to the original date. Our plans were devastated but at least we were able to finish it with few flaws only (ehem, wireless microphone).

And look at that, it was dated 12th of August but the day was Monday. I forgot to edit it. It should be Thursday. FAIL, I know. Good thing there were only two people who noticed that. Our professor liked the tarp and the program invitation which I made! Of course, I wasn’t properly credited but I was overwhelmed. (:

I also wore high heels which got attention. It got my attention, too. I spotted it at SM dept. store on sale. It was P1199 (or something like) before and I got it for only P399! I had to buy it.

The next day after the seminar, I met with my high school friends for our friend’s despedida. We stayed at Sofitel for a night. Too bad I had an exam the next day so I had to stay up reviewing while listening to them talking, laughing and playing. Our photos from the pool are too embarrassing to post. HAHA

The despedida didn’t end there. We still saw each other this week’s Wednesday and ate at our favorite place when were still in high school. I definitely missed! We also went to our friend’s pad to eat ice cream and talk more.

And lastly, yesterday, we  met again. We just had pizza and went to Storyland to enjoy two rides! We went to her place again to talk more more more. I wish I could stop the time so I could have spent more time with her. She’s leaving on monday for Canada. ); The idea hasn’t sunk into me yet and I don’t like to think about not seeing her for a long long time.

This was taken by a lady who works at YC, thanks for offering a hand miss!

Oh well, doesn’t look like I’m busy for school. It’s just that I can always find time for my friends. They are so awesome that I can’t miss to see them. <3


    hi sis, feels lyk i haven't been hurr for forrvurrr ;( That killer heels got my attention. OMG! I love the color too. Hand that to me, waaa. I need a new shoes. xD Great pictures lyk always :) Look lyk u' all had fun. Swweeet!!

    Joisu | 8 years ago Reply

    wow what a fun despidida! :D i miss my hs friends tuloy and bonding with them. nice shoes too :D btw, i would like to invite you in a beauty giveaway in my site. hope you could join! :D

    Phoebe R | 8 years ago Reply

    I miss seminars n school.. I used to be the master of ceremonies coz Im the only person in our org who they knew got some self-confidence.. waaaah... I was nervous at first but right after that, I began to like the hosting job.. hahahaha you've got a cute pair of shoes there huh?? Despidida.. I miss having those.. Hope your friend enjoys her stay in canada..

    melle lee | 8 years ago Reply

    sosyal sa sofitel. hihi. buti nakapag-aral ka pa nun. kung ako yan naku...keber na ang notes :D i saw your twinks. hihihi major major na discount yung nakuha mo sa shoes ah.laveeeet :)

    yeye | 8 years ago Reply

    i say that's really a great buy for the shoes :mrgreen: and the tarp was nice. good job dear! :up: at least you had fun with your friends :) that's needed once in awhile 8)

    pam | 8 years ago Reply

    though there were errors, still, you did a good job with the tarp :up: The shoes are definitely a steal! Got a friend who is now abroad, but she returns for a vacation in the country every year. maybe your friend could also do that :)

    Tin | 8 years ago Reply

    Ayokongmag-Pakilala | 8 years ago Reply

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