First, I’d like to say sorry for not dropping by at your sites lately. I had been very busy because of school and some offline fun. School is making me busy as a bee. It demands a lot of time to read, write and everything awful. Haha. But it is better than doing and learning nothing.

I went to Alfonso, Cavite for a mini-weekend-vacation. It was my classmate’s birthday last November 13 and so she wanted to spend it at her place. We were 15 from the class and one from another year (celebrant’s best friend) who came. I thought I would regret going but I didn’t.

Oh btw, I had my haircutĀ  yesterday (with 4 of my college friends) at a bad salon near school. The most irritating part of their salon experience was when we asked for the receipt.

Jaycee: Where’s our receipt? (upon giving the payment)
Counter girl: You need it?
Kate (me, haha): Yes.

Our conversation was in tagalog for real. Anyway, what a freak? Why ask that kind of question? I mean, we have the right to ask for it and they are obliged to give it.

Hmm anyway, I tried Unlicall of Globe last weekend. I talked to some of my good friends and new friends. New friends from my friend Alex since they were drinking at his friend’s place. (: I was two nights straight sleepless. But it was fun.

* What’s your worst salon experience?

You First Believed.

How many times did I pray
You’d find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I’d see your face
Safe at home unafraid
Captured in your embrace

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And showed me life
And I’ve never been the same
Since you first believed

This song from Hoku is really nice. Someone sang it for me last wednesday (110508). I feel so loved. Haha. It’s the most played song in my play list.

Today is such a boring day. There were still no professors. There was a little surprise for our classmate (it is his birthday, happy birthday Alli.) Went to Pureza to buy a text book.

After class, I went to Sm North for another day in the gym. After a tiring 3-hour session, I gave up and decided to walk around. I went to Coffee Bean and ordered a caramel ice blended. Num num num num num. Haha. I want to get the free limited edition artists notebook – so that means 11 more drinks to buy. ((: It’s not just the notebook but the donation I will be giving to an advocacy.

*Do you have a favorite song? Then, why is it your favorite? (:
*What’s your favorite drink?


Hooray! I should have purchased this long time ago. Special thanks to Ate Kisty.

As you see, there’s nothing much in here yet. But I fixed the pages and other stuffs. I am using a free layout I got from ThemeLab and making my own one soon. Or probably, I will modify a theme. Whatever.

I need link exchanges. So if you’re interested, please go to my links page, go to my contact-me page, type LINKEXCHANGE as the subject and I will link you immediately. If you’re going to link this (and linking my two other sites), please do not remove sychi.pinkista.net and paintmy-world.com in your links. They are still up. Show them some love. (:

This site is still sick but surely I will find time to revamp it. Thanks for the drop! Later.