Do this, do that

Congratulations! If you’re a student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, there are no classes next week. Ah, starting today till next Saturday. Isn’t that great? You will have time to do your papers! Though you can’t have that sign of your professor in your letter of permission. But it’s okay, since the school your group chose (last hope) has already agreed to accommodate you.

Oh crap. This week, we already went to three schools but we were denied to conduct our experiment. The first one asked us to revise or most likely change the whole experiment. 2nd, they would be busy next week for exams. 3rd, we needed papers from blahblah division blahblah of QC. We need to conduct this experiment ASAP and we can’t just let that happen to us.

So we’re going to Cavite next week. Our friend’s mom works at the school we chose (and last choice, since it is far from manila). I am excited. ‘Cause my friend once told me that there are no means of transpo going to that area. Ha, 30 minutes of walking down? I hope we survive.

By the way, it was the coronation night of Mr. & Ms. Psychology (department stuff) last thursday. Cheered for our mate, Allister Ramos. Too bad he wasn’t part of the top 5. There might had been mistakes encoding the scores. I swear, how could that guy number 2 and that gay be on the list? LOL

TTFN. :whistle:

Your Behavior Tells Who You Are

NOT. Why is it when people knew you as someone nice and suddenly something bitchy happened and you can’t help but bitch, they would say that your true color just showed off. I just don’t get it why a lot of people associate negative attitudes as the real person’s whole being. It is not and never will be.

I realized this thing last tuesday when we played Pinoy Henyo (twisted: the one who will guess will give characteristics and the other person will judge whether the person they are trying to guess is possessing that characteristic, labo) and the facilitator said that the aim of the game was to tell if we already know our classmates well. She mentioned and related bad behavior to the a person’s personality.

I’m more than affected since I’ve argued with a lot of my block mates. I know that they think of me as a bitch. Yes, I am, but not always and not to everyone. Probably they think that I’m plastic towards them but then they don’t know what I’m really thinking. It’s just not right to judge someone because he or she did something wrong you didn’t like. There are million reasons why and you’re not meant to know them.

Oh well, in this world, people will look after all your actions and pull you down. Not everyone but there are meanest people. 🙂

For the nth time, I changed my theme. I’m not an advocate of illegal drugs but this theme is cute with hearts. Maybe I would not focus on how my blog looks but on what I’m typing about. Drama much.