I love tasting different kind of foods but I more like spicy foods because they say it fastens one’s metabolism (I need that to burn the food I eat right away) and the hot kick taste is just different. Hot and spicy food is just so me. I also love cooking for everyone. Their reactions, may be positive or negative, are always welcomed since I am the person who likes to do better the next time.

My family and I have few cookbooks and mostly the foods are filipino taste and nothing unusual or new. I am someone who likes to invent things so I add different spices in every cooking so it would have different taste aside from the usual filipino one. I would like to obtain different kind of cookbooks like the listing I saw just tonight. This is the mexican cook book listing. I just thought it would be perfect to have since as far as I know, Mexican foods are usually hot and spicy. I just mentioned that hot and spicy foods are just my favorite.

If ever I get the chance to put up a restaurant, probably, I would serve mexican foods. Tacos, tortillas and such are my favorites! 🙂

Happy Feb

Maybe I’ll settle for this wp theme for now. I just needed a change here. I’d like to make my own theme but I don’t have Photoshop for now. FML

Happy February, girls and boys. Time flies too fast but I didn’t realize (I actually didn’t like to realize) it was again love month and still, I am loveless. Who needs love? I’m willing to share because I’ve got plenty of it! Please want it. I guess I’m never mabenta.

Do you like to hear an almost love story? I’ll reserve that rant next time when I already have time to think about it. Haha

fight and fight

Hi, I’m back and I’m happy 🙂

I really don’t know what to rant here but I’m glad my blogging spirit is back! Sure it is hard to keep a lot of blogs but it is fine, too 🙂

hmmm, how come I blog more in my blogger than here?