Percy and Tuna

It all started when few months back, our outdoor kitties used to eat cooked rice and sardines (one can) per meal. We would buy a lot of canned sardines and cheap hulled rice grains just for them. Our house pet, Percy was so conditioned with cans being opened and always would like to have some of the (tomato) sauce of the canned sardines. But we stopped giving them that kind of meal and replaced it with a cheaper cat food, Princess (brand).

Since then, Percy’s conditioned behavior stopped. We would once in a while¬†open few canned goods but he seemed to forgot his behavior. Probably because we weren’t giving him food from the can we open (as those were not fishy). Extinction, it is.

Just recently, I got addicted in making tuna sandwich spread out of canned tuna. The first time I opened a can, Percy was just beside me. He wasn’t completely interested until I made him smell the tuna. He didn’t move while I transferred the tuna in a different container.

The moment I walked around the house, he followed me! A sign that he wanted some. I game him enough to make him full throughout the night.

Last week, we ran out of his cat food and he doesn’t eat other flavors of cat food so we had no choice. I had to open a can so he would have something to eat. He loved it to bit!

And now, every time I open the refrigerator and plates would make sound, he rushes to me and looks like begging for me to give him some treats! I can’t even say no because he’s so cute and all he is. I’m just scared his tummy will ache bad.

Lol whatta post. Conditioning pa ha? =))

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