Shades of Grey

I’m around Chapter 12 or 13. I don’t know. I was flustered after reading everything about the contract. (No this isn’t much of a spoiler!) no presciption cialis I was head-over-heels in love with Christian Grey when things went that way. It’s awkward. as if I’m Anastacia. Well, I’m Kate.. in real life because I carry that name.

I am nothing but affected again. I’ve stopped reading. The weather’s too hot and I feel uncomfortable with my reading position and I yawn at perfect moments of the book and fall asleep. Rude.

According to iBooks, I’m almost half of the zoomed page numbers. According to me, I have two more books after that and I gonna be bored again. So this might be a good idea – pause, give it some thought (the book and the characters) and study how such people exists – or could exist.

Momentarily, I doubt the exist/s is spelled as it is.

Sorry, I’m stuck with Christian. How could he be like that. That is or not a question. I don’t know. Absurd.