Keiyt is back.

Ugh, I lost some posts. But I’m glad my sites are up again! I’m hoping to get a refund from the last host since I only used the service for 3 good months. Bad news, my last back up was last November. :”<

I hate my condition now. I have measles or so whatever you call these red spots for almost a week already. Guilty pleasure, scratching. Super itchy. I should be okay this week. We have a departmental exam for a science subject and there’s no special takes for it. I think it is scheduled this week. Ugh, I really need to catch up a lot.

Anyway, so far how’s your new year?


Hooray! I should have purchased this long time ago. Special thanks to Ate Kisty.

As you see, there’s nothing much in here yet. But I fixed the pages and other stuffs. I am using a free layout I got from ThemeLab and making my own one soon. Or probably, I will modify a theme. Whatever.

I need link exchanges. So if you’re interested, please go to my links page, go to my contact-me page, type LINKEXCHANGE as the subject and I will link you immediately. If you’re going to link this (and linking my two other sites), please do not remove and in your links. They are still up. Show them some love. (:

This site is still sick but surely I will find time to revamp it. Thanks for the drop! Later.