Baby brother.

EDIT: NEW LAYOUT! HAHAHAHAHA. I just made it today so it really sucks. Sorry for the low quality. HAHA but I love it because it is new! HAHAHAHA.  It’s the second layout this year. Oh gooooolly, at long last! /EDIT

Daniel Paul :)

That’s my little brother 7 years or so ago. The little angel turned devilish. I can’t believe that he’s taller than me. I can’t believe he’s dark like a chocolate. I can’t believe he’s been wrestling me to death!

Oh, I just can’t believe he is turning 14 this year. How time flies so fassssst. ):

A teen

Happy 13th birthday to my little brother, Daniel. So, I am wishing him to be nicer and grateful all the time. I hope he won’t never ever brag again that he’s the youngest so he can pass to do his chores. And because it is his birthday today, Mama asked me to cook spaghetti noodles because she wasn’t able to make it this morning.

We were supposed to watch Kung Fu Panda yesterday but it is not yet up. So we just watched Indiana Jones (and whatever the second title is). I really didn’t like the movie since I didn’t get most of the parts HAHA. So if you already watched the movie, please tell me what was it all about. The movie has some boring parts (for me LOL) and I wanted to sleep – I slept past 5am without doing anything that day and had to woke up at 8am!

– – –

I still don’t have any school supplies. I was going to buy yesterday but there were loads of people at National Bookstore. I don’t want to line all my life so maybe I will buy next sunday or whenever I get the chance to. I want the school planner – where you can list all the monthly activities of your school and what you will be up to. But it is not cheap so maybe I will still stick to my planner.

Thanks for the love that you’re giving me and this site. I love everyone! You can always apply for link exchange here just follow the rules! I will sign up for link exchange at some sites soon — I’m very very lazy right now.

I’ve been addicted to WarRock past few days. I was even going to install it here (another computer) but I decided to download Ragnarok instead. But I can’t download RO so I will get WarRock na lang HAHA.