Oh gravy

KFC Gravy


Nakadalawang plato kami ng gravy syempre nagutom kami kakavideoke ng dalawang oras. Nakakahingal kaya kumanta. Lalo na kapag sumayaw sayaw ka pa diba. Hindi lang yan ang kinain namin, kumain din kami ng isang half roll ng mocha cake. Busog sobra. Akala ko nga hindi na ako makakatayo e. 😛

School is soon

Tomorrow is the first day of school for some students. I will be going to school next monday and I don’t want. Oh by the way, my enrolment was last wednesday and here’s my schedule:


I will be needing more and more of college textbooks. That requires a lot of money because college book are really expensive. Ha, recto? Recto? Here I come for book search! Recto sells cheap books and that’s just perfect because I’m on a tight budget just to get kickbacks hahaha!

So before school starts, my friends and I had a summer trip (and birthday celebration) at Tanza, Cavite. The beach was ugh, but we were really not planning to swim so that was fine. We just played volleyball and had mini bonfire near the beach. Oh my, it was really fun.

Near the beach

My father has a site. @ ledorlobmit.com just to let you guys know. He just posted pictures of us, his kids. UGGHH. :angry:

Happy birthday to me, what?

I’ll just share what my friends and I did the Holy Tuesday. My friends invited me to drink out because they were already at TriNoma.  So I met up with them past 4pm then we hang out at the food court for some time while two of them bought some foods. We were supposed to eat at Dencio’s but Lyca sugested a place near her place. We went to her house and her dad greeted us. She said that it was Robert’s birthday. But after she changed clothes, she announced that it was my birthday. Well, I didn’t care at all since my birthday’s months away pa.

We ended up at Gerry’s Grill congressional. We ordered one bucket of lights, sisig and 2 plain rice! The waiter suggested the second main dish we ordered, it was a pork with mayonaise and chilis. We also had crispy pata which made us umay. The fat and oil made me dizzy.

They told the waiter that it was my birthday. The girl who assisted us (when we walked in) asked who was the birthday celebrant. They pointed their fingers on me. I was just laughing my ass off. Then the next thing I knew, everyone was singing a happy birthday and people looking at me. It was embarassing. But ha, I had a cup of ice cream with a candle of course!

birthday candle

The cracks, laughters and redness. It was fun though we were just 4. 5 our of 5. One of the best nights with my pals. I hope there would be another get together with them soon.

1. Share one of the best memories you had with your friends.
2. How’s you summer vacation?