Eating in a restaurant when I was a kid, I used to be scared of strangers sitting beside me; sharing the table with us (family). I thought it was indecent. You know how elders would remind kids not to talk to strangers, right? What would a youngster react if he or she is asked, “Ne, may nakaupo?“. I used to shake or nod but I never talked to them. Too shy to decline elders.

It was at the SM Southmall branch of Goldilocks I first tasted their barbecue. Hehe. It was my favorite meal (it comes with Laing, if I’m not mistaken). It was also a start of a realization.

As a kid, I was hyper and would read everything around me. I was making pasikat to my parents. I read everything inside that Goldilocks branch including the ‘Share a seat, Win a friend‘. Of course, I asked my mother what it meant and she told me.

From then on, I was never scared of strangers asking me if the seat beside me is available or not.  It has been a habit to share a seat with other people even though I’m not dining in at Goldi (as what my mom wants to call it).

Goldilocks thought me that manner; Goldilocks changed my perceptions. Who knows? I might meet my future just by sharing a seat!

Hot and Cold 2009

I hate the hot then cold weather the Philippines is experiencing oftentimes. Maybe the reason to blame why I have coughs and colds. Anyway, this post is going to be my year end report of how my life is and was during 2009. This one’s is a little shorter than I used to make.

Family. Same as last year (2008), I’m thankful that we still eat three times a day plus meriendas. In spite of  the economic crisis, we still have money to buy unimportant things. (Not to brag, but I’m just grateful for that!)

School. Say what, I’m a third year regular student. I’m proud of myself for not failing a subject – well I hope to maintain it. I’m a little grade conscious now and I think that’s better than being an average student. I think I’m no longer a candidate for cum laude (which is sad) but high grades for my majors would be evenly comforting.

It has been tough for me during the mid part of the first semester (around August, I think) since someone had crossed my way. But hey, we’re good now. I made the first move to buddy up her again and maybe we could settle more of it next year.

Friends. I couldn’t count the times I had sleepovers and day/night outs with friends this year because seriously there were lots. :up:

Love life. This life which I don’t have. Bye. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I KNOW RIGHT. Alright, time to wrap up. HAHAHA. :whistle:

This year, I realized that I’m fatter than ever that I have to reduce, diet and tire myself from exercising alone because my mother wouldn’t get me a limited membership at a fitness center again LOL. But I realized that if I’m more disciplined (like I was during my May to June gym days), I could really be sexy and these excessive adipose tissue would eventually be replaced with abs.  Whatever to my face but trying wouldn’t harm me so I have to do it.

I was a drama drama drama drama queen before but I learned that bringing up too much drama wouldn’t do me good. Concentrate and act like a matured woman is what I need to do.

2009 was not really my year but it has been fair to me. After dark unfortunate events flirted with me, there were rainbows appearing and happy birds singing. So I think 2009 went well. I hope yours, too!

Happy 2010! I hope God bless us more. Cheers to another year of blogging! 😀


Missed me?  Sweet! I’m gone for super weeks and sure, I missed blogging, too! Alright, I’m going to list the things I did the past few days.

So last week, typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines – Metro Manila was in mud flood. Nakatira kami sa mataas na lugar so hindi kami binaha. Pero yung mga classmates ko mga nakatira sa Marikina, Pasig, Rizal at Taguig – mga lugar na sobrang na-apektuhan. So kahit paano, ayon sa mga kwento ng mga kaibigan ko, parang alam ko na rin kung ano ang feeling ng masagasaan ng baha ang bahay. My classmates and I volunteered. I really wanted to help plus go out! I swear, I was turning into pig! Anyway, the experience was cool. I worked at the first station, rice packing. Ang dami kong na-transfer na bigas ha! Super ang sakit sa likod kasi naman yung pwesto ko. It was all worth it though! Lalo na yung si kuya nagbibigay ng sandwich. I know right? I didn’t go there para mag sight-seeing pero wala e, lumapit na yung sight!  I couldn’t resist! One day lang naman pagnanasaan e, why not? Great day except for not seeing sandwich boy for the very last minute I walked out the room! Haha!

Meron ding surprise sa akin – at sa mga classmates ko – nagparamdam na yung classmate namin na umattend lang ng klase for 3 months noong first year! First college friend ko yon so parang natuwa talaga ako! Ayon na nga, may anak na siya. Although she already gave me a clue before she disappeared, parang may tampo pa rin na sana man lang sinabi niya sa akin diba. Pero tapos na yon, good thing she’s fine naman pala!

Friendster pa e, noh?

Sa Friendster pa talaga! Buti na lang sinabi sa akin ng classmate ko (dahil nag pre-Friendster pa rin siya), kung hindi – hindi ko talaga mababasa ‘yan!

Last na, natapos ko na yung Shining Inheritance!!! Sobrang umiyak ako sa series na ito. Ang corny nga lang ng ending, I expected more lang siguro. Maganda talaga at ang pa-papable ng mga lalaki haha. Syempre, gusto ko na naman maging gano’n ka-kulay ang buhay ko! Pero sorry, mukhang hindi ata ako makakatagpo ng isang matandang mabait na iiwan sa akin ang kayamanan niya dahil dito sa Philippines, madadamot ang mga tao at ibibigay lang ang mga kayamanan sa mga kamag-anak talaga. :whistle:


Thank you DramaWiki for the image above.