Holiday Wednesday

I have no time to blog about Day 2 and 3 of my travel to Singapore 3 months ago. I can reminisce as much as I could but I’ve got no time for that though.

Any, Independence day was spent having no choice, no freedom at all. We were booked for a meeting (half day meet) to discuss about goals, targets and whatnot with the business here in the Philippines for 2013. Although coming today wasn’t bad at all – I happened to know how much effort should be put to work from now on.

We had boxes

of doughnuts and coffee to drink for the session. The meet ended roughly around 4 and we got to Greenbelt at around 5 or so.

We dined at Queens at Bollywood. Nomnom Indian foods it was!




I remembered the first time I tasted authentic indian food was back during my travel in Kuala Lumpur. Since we were with a half indian half pinay friend, she made us eat roti and the sauces and hey, milkballs (nomnom). Haha. Oh, that was the only restaurant in the area by the way.

All indian food tastes like curry (in my honest opinion) and still everything is great tasting. I’m such a spicy food lover. I can relate to my bosses. *watches Reza, Spice Prince of India on Food Network* TTFN.

3rd Berry

Hello November, the 3rd Ber month! 49 days to go before Christmas, yo! I’m currently browsing my school’s website for the university calendar… and here, I just read Christmas vacation is on December 21-Jan3. Two weeks, hello? That isn’t fair!!! Hahaha! That’s 6 weeks away from now. Great!

School’s good so far; cool that intelligent professors were assigned in our two major subjects and we haven’t met one for our major research subject. I need a lot of books, heck yeah. :/

I’d like to show you my new shoes. It’s a pair of loafers that I got last weekend from Cinderella.


I also bonded with my friends last Thursday. We watched 500 Days of Summer. I swear it’s a must-see for men. Maybe they could tag their girlfriends along or even their boy buddies. Though it was a guy flick, I loved it to bit. It’s just nice to know that there could still be good men out there. Somewhere.