Looking for a job?

All my frustrations, tips and whatnot regarding my work here in this entry. So, there. I had been unemployed for four months after attending (and resigning from the) training in a BPO. I rejected my decision after a few months because I couldn’t land a job that is somehow related to my degree. I got few offers from a BPO and a bank. I declined both, why? Because those were contractual positions and I was that choosy. Later then I realized it didn’t help. Just made my case worst. Just made myself more depressed. I even logged all my frustrations in my other blog. I has so many job applications – private companies or government offices. There was no luck for four months! I had my oh so unprofessional no shows. Amounting to 2-3 interviews. And yes, there were what ifs. But I couldn’t turn back time.

My job right now doesn’t pay real good but the heck, I need a job. I need to build my career. It was even my first day when I knew about the compensation and benefits stuff. It made me disappointed but since the position is for a regular position, I didn’t mind the salary much. Plus, I am learning a lot now.

I shall share with you some tips on how to land on a job that you want! These are just old tricks.. I hope you find that one for you!

1. Use the internet. The reason why you are reading this because you have an access to the world wide web. There is no excuse that you can’t find a job. You can. You just probably don’t.

It’s either that you land on an online job or you apply through job sites. Companies spend a million a year advertising for their job openings. For an applicant, it is always free to apply. Apply even you are not qualified (say they are looking for someone who has 6 months to 1 year experience) because it will all amount to how much you are willing to do the job (but doesn’t really easy to figure out unless you do have a lot of extra stuff doing in your life related to the job). Applying doesn’t hurt, it’s just one click away. Those behind sourcing still evaluates the resumes they get. They sort. So there’s just apply apply apply!

2. Always be ready. Plan ahead. Come what may can’t be applied. I honestly did that for the first two months I had been attending interviews. And nada, I always fail.

Remember tip #1: Use the internet. There are interview Q&As cheat available in the www. Write them up in your notebook and practice – how you speak, your posture and everything to make a good impression. (I literally had the same answers to the same questions. They wouldn’t know!) Look smart. Plan the outfit you’re going to wear a day before your interview.

3. Show up! If you confirmed for a schedule of interview, make it a point you show up. If a real emergency came up, advise the person who scheduled you. The reason why you have an interview because you applied for it. The reason why you applied for it is because you want the job. Don’t make excuses. If you’re not showing up or not interested for the position, don’t apply ever.