I was supposed to post an audio blog weeks ago (and I tried posting again this week) but I failed. Something’s wrong and I don’t know what it is! I’ll figure it out sometime.

Anyway, I’m doing the 30-day letter tumblr challenge. I’m on my 5th letter today. (: And hey, I’ve thought of publishing my letters to my future boyfriend, too. I called it the dear future boyfriend project.

I’ve been writing to him since last year. No, I’m not writing because I am desperate to find love. I just thought this would be fun.  I could not remember why I did but it was for a certain guy I liked. Since he’s no longer available, the letters are not for him anymore. Ha, imagine I really thought I’ll be in a relationship with that gay? If you want to contribute your own letter to your own future boyfriend, then send them here.

I want to write letters for my friends like I used to but we don’t see each other that often since school started. ): I should have thought of that last summer. But I will still write for them.

So, do you like writing letters?