Chinese and French

For an ultimate experience, my friend and I bought VIP tickets for the 3rd week of the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. That was just last Saturday, February 26. Battle between China and France.

What is included in P500 VIP ticket?

  • monoblock chairs (free seating, limited seats)

K. So basically you get to sit when you arrive early. That’s it. Nothing else. I just realized that wherever you are standing near the area, if you have tickets or not, you can have a glimpse of the show.

The program started 30 minutes late. There was fire dance, dragon dance and a guy singing French songs. I could hardly see those in the stage but I could tell those were Filipinos performing the dragon dance (they were rehearsing near the boundary between VIP and the VVIP*).

Ha, what I really liked about our spot was the chair and the fireworks seemed displayed in front of us. <3 And what I totally hate? That woman who always said, “Ayan na, tapos na yan. (There it is, it’s done.)” when it had only been 5 minutes of the show. I wanted to tell her, SHUT UP JUST WATCH. Display of fireworks was good for 20 minutes per country.

*VVIP = VIP with dinners? Or just special guests? Idk.
Bahahaha. My photos suck, I don’t have it.


Two of my posts were gone now and okay, that’s fine. Besides, the password protected post was just about a crap. Seriously. So, let’s not think about the posts (that were gone) and talk about the edits I made to some pages — yes, that includes the link page! I am really sorry that you can’t find your name here. I just haven’t updated it yet again because the people who asked here were gone, too. Do you understand? This site almost had a major revamp. No one to blame but me (for not backing up files!) Oh anyways, I will try all my luck to find all the links okay? So don’t freak out yet. And don’t remove me in your links yet!

– – –

I was out last Saturday with Lizelle, Jovy and Nicholle. The day was really great, I had fun with the girls. We skated. I fell once, Jovy fell twice! Okay, I was not that bad at all (because I barely moved.) Oh, I’ve this huge bruise in my knee because I was so excited to stand up… I banged my knee in the ice. Nice. Oh, I swear the skate shoes were disgusting.

We were supposed to bowl after skating but we were put on the waiting list. Hey, there were so many people on the waiting list, fyi. So we went out and walked. I was going to buy havs, a bag and a notebook but I thought I wont be able to get home if I did buy them all, haha! I ended up buying a nail polish at Elianto which is way cheaper than those three.

I can’t believe it, why so many many many (and many) people wanted to eat at Sbarro that night. The line was totally a killer. So, we ended up eating at Red Ribbon (okay, the steak I wanted was not available, how horrible.) And really oh no, their service sucks. We were like waiting for almost an hour. We really bugged all the waiters like “Kuya, our order. Number 1, follow-up.” We did that almost 10 times. How would you feel when people from the other table got their orders (fasteeeerr) when you ordered first?

– – –

I finished Hannah Montana Season 1 today. Got a new umbrella yesterday. Quit the job today. See you later.