Hooray! I should have purchased this long time ago. Special thanks to Ate Kisty.

As you see, there’s nothing much in here yet. But I fixed the pages and other stuffs. I am using a free layout I got from ThemeLab and making my own one soon. Or probably, I will modify a theme. Whatever.

I need link exchanges. So if you’re interested, please go to my links page, go to my contact-me page, type LINKEXCHANGE as the subject and I will link you immediately. If you’re going to link this (and linking my two other sites), please do not remove sychi.pinkista.net and paintmy-world.com in your links. They are still up. Show them some love. (:

This site is still sick but surely I will find time to revamp it. Thanks for the drop! Later.

Ohno, goodbye?

I am having problems (again) with this site. Sometimes it doesn’t load but when I visit my host’s site and click my link through there, it loads fine. Myabe that’s the reason why I am not getting any visitors anymore. But, it’s fine. 😐

I am turning 18th on the 8th but I don’t have a party. We don’t usually celebrate bongga e. I have plans on the 9th (treat college friends) and on the 13th (saturday nightout with friends). I might see my ultimate crush (since summer haha) on the 13th because he’s gonna party, too. Yay, I am so excited. Something good should happen, I am crossing my fingers to my hopes and wishes.

I want to forget bad things that crossed my 17th life. I am getting myself a new life. Happy birthday to myself. Thanks to those who greeted me already, I so appreciate it. <3 ILY.

Hostees: http://camz.paintmy-world.com please do visit her site. Thank you very much.