If you don’t like cats, I can’t marry you

I never liked cats until there were two kittens who showed up last year. They were adorable. Then until there were more cats who were born and delivered here.

Today, we are feeding *counts* more or less 20 cats. But only 8 (+ 4 new born) cats sleeps in our garage.  Plus another one who’s living inside our house.

I love them all now.

Old and die

My brother is fond of animals but we’re not allowed to have usual pets like dogs or cats because we both have asthma. It is the worst offer from this lung disease. So we had turtles and fishes only. We bought a hamster last time but it died when we got home from the mall. Poor hamham. Anyway, months ago (around summer) there were two new born street cats in our place. They were so cute and we wished they could stay inside our house but my mother didn’t want. We named them by their colors, orange and white. I seriously don’t know their gender but I assume all baby cats are males. Haha!

They are conditioned already when it comes to eating time. Like when they hear the knob’s sound,  they will go wait in front of the door. Baby Orange often walks inside our house and look at us then go out quick. Then one time, we let the Baby White in while my parents were at their room. But it turned out to be a disaster because he was scared to get out so he stayed at our window for minutes. My father had to open our screen outside so the cat could get out and he was successfully reunited with his family. Hehe. Baby Orange hasn’t experienced that hell his brother went through so he’s still running inside our house and getting out real fast. I’d like to share a picture of them (camera phone). I took it yesterday before I went to school.

Bebi White and Bebi Orange

I can’t believe that they are tall now. :eyes: I guess that’s just it, everyone gets old.

And I just turned 19 yesterday! I wasn’t able to see my girl friends but I’m still happy. My college friends surprised me with our old-surprise-tactic but in a different way! It was such a treat. They bought KFC bucket meal and a cake! Sweeet! When I went home, I had spaghetti and chicken, too! Plus cookies and cream ice cream, my favorite!

Life is not just about getting old but dying, too. A friend was brutally killed last week and it still such a pain for me. Keith is such a wonderful sweet kid that everyone would really love. I couldn’t believe the fact we lost her that unkind way. So the family and friends of Keith Ballesteros are asking for your prayers so that the person/s behind this crime will be caught as soon as possible and pay for what he/they had done.

One more thing, friends, please do take care always because bad people are every where and there is no safe place anymore. Pray harder. God bless us! :/