Looks New Here

As you can see, I tweaked my old layout. Looks better for me! I’d have that spirit to blog again for a while!

I will update you guys about my second semester activity list. So this was the list dated November 17 of last year.

  • 150 more hours of Practicum
  • Finalizing thesis
  • Thesis defense
  • Physics lecture and laboratory :-&
  • Hassle grades compilation
  • Applying for graduation

Oh yes, I’m so done with Practicum. In fact, I already passed all my requirements! I just hope my evaluation from my immediate head won’t get lost!

Also, thesis’ done. Finally! We passed the oral defense. Sweeeeeet. Since we got no camera, I just used this netbook’s webcam (just saying so you would not be surprised with the photo quality) to take a picture of our group.

We decided to wear that same top we used for our seminar. Saves money and brain cells. We paired it with a black skirt. 😉

The semester will end very soon. Like we only have 3 weeks to go! Sweet, right? No more homeworks, discussions and school stuff. I’m so excited. I haven’t planned life after graduation but I have enough leads.

It’s either I take 18 teaching units or apply as an hr staff. Whatever. I just hope there’s really something for me in the future.

Celebrate, this is the longest post I made this year! Hahaha! Later!


Twinkle twinkle little star. I’m now a fan of stars. I mean the star shape. ? That question mark is actually a star though the font can’t read it or something like that. Oh well, I’m not collecting stars or any kind but I just noticed that I’ve got two cute star items. Could be the start of a star collection! Haha

The green star is a photo/note holder I got as a souvenir from my friend’s debut. It’s springy. Haha I used to have a butterfly but my group of friends got stars so I asked another classmate if she could exchange. Hehe

The little yellow star is so cute!!! I got it today as a token from the first group of experimenters. All the Ibaba Taas Kanan Kaliwa experiment was all worth it when I got to touch this key chain. It’s fluffy pa!

So, do you like stars? If not, what are you collecting? :eyes:


This year’s our cat year ’cause a lot of cats went here in our place to sleep, eat and play. We used to have eleven cats but two went missing till this very second. Mommy (orig), Daddy, Big Baby Orange, Big Baby White, Tiger and Baby Orange are the first cat family.  Mommy (2), Sungit, Whitey, Orange and Fatty (the missing kittens) are obviously part of the second cat family. Oh, there are cat relatives who visit them from time to time. Apparently, there are two lolo cats and there’s a moo cat. A moo cat is a black and white cow patterned cat.

This is tiger. He doesn’t look like a tiger though but my sister insisted that we call this cutie with such. :whistle:

Whitey doing a Chicken pose. Actually cleaning her tummy haha

Oh, Orange, the missing kitty since December 1. The kitty who likes to show off his tongue every shoot.

Since these pusakals (street cats) are nice and sweet, too, we feed them right (canned sardines – ’cause Whiskas’ too expensive – and sometimes chicken leftovers when we eat outside – yes we save the bones for them), I guess. On Christmas day, we’re going to feed them with Whiskas, yay! My father made an apartment (out of his old wooden ladder) for the kitties to sleep at with old shirts as bedsheets-blankets. <3