Max’s Pig Out Promo

It all started last month. I was going to wait for my networking guests, Tin was going to wait for her friends and Aubrey had to deliver something to her tita. We went to SM Centerpoint just to kill time. Instead of window shopping, we decided to eat but hadn’t thought where exactly. We checked out Max’s and knew that they have the Chicken-all-you-can promo. It was tempting but it was only around 4:30pm. The promo starts at 6pm. So we just ate Star Pops (Pizza Hut).

But we didn’t forget about the promo. We were supposed to eat last week but class was canceled the day we scheduled. K, but yesterday!!! We were going to watch this cheap view of  I Love You Phillip Morris but the next screening was super late so we just decided to eat again and Max’s won our heart. HAHA!

That was my first served quarter. I think I had 4. So that’s one whole chicken. 😐 I got my last chicken ’cause I thought of our cats so I just ate few of the meat and done. And yeah, I ‘take out’ the bones. Our cats were happy happy cats same as my tummy. Ha, we were there for 2 and a half hours with a lot of talking not just eating hahaha.

Anyway it isn’t advisable to eat a lot so you’ll get what you will pay for. I was like drunk after eating or cholesterol thing starting to act up? I feel so heavy today. Haha. (: By the way, we almost emptied the ordinary size Jufran ketchup. Gahd. I was that pig last night! ):