Currently downloading albums from 90s and other songs 10 years older. Oh and by the way, we got a new printer at home. It has a scanner option, oh great. My sister and I started scanning our study notes to get rid off the old papers! Let me show you how I was able to pass college.

The Rage of Boredom

I have a thing for cats (you should know about that) and… stars cialis alternative (easiest to draw)!

Why, yes, there’s an army and random

And I don’t know why when I need to memorize something (that might be in the test under enumeration), I tend to write everything overlapping my notes. Such a mess. lol

I love my notes this way 🙂

I might be back to school next semester. Well, I just hope I do pass. I just don’t know about my work. Doodle, cheers!