So I changed my theme back to this because I’m getting tired of seeing the blue one. I used that for months but it felt like years. This will do, at least it’s somehow new.

Oh well! Hello guys, hello my blog, hello you! It’s too sad that I’ve abandoned this for a long time. I only have 7 posts during first semester? I didn’t even blog about my birthday celebration. This means a long post ahead. Haha. But I, I don’t know where to start.

September 8

‘Twas my birthday (same as Mama Mary’s). I didn’t celebrate with any of my friends ’cause I had to go to ABS-CBN for an interview.  And uhuh, I got admitted. I used to call it the best birthday gift before but now. Family was supposed to go out but I went home because I was dead tired. They just bought food and we ate here at home.

September 10

‘Twas the End of Ramadan if I’m not mistaken. Also, my college friends and I went to Montalban to swim. Thanks to ourselves, we had real food to eat.

Rain poured hard at noon till afternoon and I was so afraid the mountains will run down on us.  I was thinking of maybe something like Ondoy would happen again. ): Good thing it didn’t!

And now, cheers to what is a break from school! My brain’s so done with microbes and parasites, endless epics/stories and OC professors!

Though there’s still our thesis hanging by a thread… sheesh. Why is it so hard for them to complete a 72-item questionnaire? They’re just going to check their level of whatever and it’s done. We need that because honestly we still have half to go. We don’t have our defense schedule yet, too. ): Why thesis is so hard? Why we didn’t see any standardized test that will support our study? Why do we have to make our own? This is unbelievable. I just wish we could be over with this before December.

October 18

Something unfortunate happened with my SE phone again. I just can’t believed it is the second time something spilled in my bag!!! It took me a while before I realized that my bag was all wet and so my office chair and my butt-pants! It’s still working fine but there are moving liquid and an ant on my screen! The ant ~ I pressed the screen hard and it died instantly. Poor ant.

That’s all for this time! I hope to blog more this coming days or weeks. I missed everything.

Must be worth it

Basing from my last update, we’re half through first semester. We’ve successfully hosted a mini seminar. There were major adjustments done ’cause our event date was moved and moved back to the original date. Our plans were devastated but at least we were able to finish it with few flaws only (ehem, wireless microphone).

And look at that, it was dated 12th of August but the day was Monday. I forgot to edit it. It should be Thursday. FAIL, I know. Good thing there were only two people who noticed that. Our professor liked the tarp and the program invitation which I made! Of course, I wasn’t properly credited but I was overwhelmed. (:

I also wore high heels which got attention. It got my attention, too. I spotted it at SM dept. store on sale. It was P1199 (or something like) before and I got it for only P399! I had to buy it.

The next day after the seminar, I met with my high school friends for our friend’s despedida. We stayed at Sofitel for a night. Too bad I had an exam the next day so I had to stay up reviewing while listening to them talking, laughing and playing. Our photos from the pool are too embarrassing to post. HAHA

The despedida didn’t end there. We still saw each other this week’s Wednesday and ate at our favorite place when were still in high school. I definitely missed! We also went to our friend’s pad to eat ice cream and talk more.

And lastly, yesterday, we  met again. We just had pizza and went to Storyland to enjoy two rides! We went to her place again to talk more more more. I wish I could stop the time so I could have spent more time with her. She’s leaving on monday for Canada. ); The idea hasn’t sunk into me yet and I don’t like to think about not seeing her for a long long time.

This was taken by a lady who works at YC, thanks for offering a hand miss!

Oh well, doesn’t look like I’m busy for school. It’s just that I can always find time for my friends. They are so awesome that I can’t miss to see them. <3

Ultimate Daranak Falls Experience

Another despedida outing for my friend. It was originally a family outing but she tagged us along. Where to? Daranak Falls at Tanay, Rizal. 4 hours of travel with lost-in-the-road-ask-random-people-how-to-get-there and finally we got there in time for lunch. Getting near the falls wasn’t that easy, too. You have to cross a long bamboo bridge, a mini bridge and step mostly on big rocks just to get to the tables.

Before we ate lunch, we went to see the falls. I thought it wasn’t that nice since the water in the stream was not so good. But the falls (being a first timer to see one), was really amusing. It wasn’t that breathtaking at all but not bad.

We took few pictures and went back to our table to eat. You can bring your own griller and that was what tito did. So we had barbecue aside from the adobo. Nomnomnom. Great lunch. Just enough to fill our stomachs before starting our stream trekking.

We were supposed to go to Batlag Falls but we gave up after (probably) 15 steps. The road was steep or so it was for us. People say it is just a 5-minute walk away from Daranak but personally, I think it would take me 10-15 minutes just to get there. Anyway, we just decided to push through our stream trekking. We got almost far but decided to go back since there was a man who was talking to my friend’s brother directing us somewhere. We were freaked out. LOL.

My friend picked up a heart-shaped rock. He even put it in my bag without telling me! I was like remove-it-in-my-bag ’cause I was afraid that I would be cursed from getting something from the nature. But the rock was so lovely, how could not anyone pick it up? I just hope he won’t be cursed. LOL.

So when we got back, we decided to swim. The water was so cold, brrr. The water gets deep near the falls. You would really need a salbabida (life-savers) if you don’t know how to swim. It’s going to hurt your arms (in my case, the whole body) a day after ’cause you will need a lot of effort to move around the water with your floater. Oh, there are sharp rocks near the shallow area which can wound you big time. =/

The 4 hour waterfall experience was really fun. The travel back will make you hungry ’cause you’re tired. Hahaha. My friend, Nok, served us foods! RICE IN A CUP! Plus mango for dessert which was gross but who-cares-no-one-except-the-four-of-us-saw how we ate it. It was really a challenge!

Yay because this is the 3rd time I went swimming this summer. Ha, I so love the water this year!

Have you been near the falls?