Senior, braces and whatnots

Friday, May 21st
Finally enrolled. Finally in my last year in college. Finally in the second to the last semester. hopefully. Yes, I’m a senior. The line was so long and of course, there were annoying happenings. Annoying guards, too. I thought I wouldn’t finish paying for my tuition for a day but thankfully I did. I asked one of my friends to get our registration cards because it wasn’t available yet.

My friends and I went to eat dinner at KFC and of course bought a half roll cake for two of our friends but we didn’t eat. Our tummy was so full already with the gravy as our soup. ((:

Tadaaaaa, our schedule!

Though there were changes made. Wednesday instead of Tuesday and Saturday instead of Friday. How bad can this semester be? Laboratory every saturday? Micro living organisms on saturdays? Kill me.

Saturday, May 22nd
I visited my dentist for the installation of the braces. The pain is still tolerable. No major ouch. Hey, this thing helps me to lose weight. I AM LOSING WEIGHT IN JUST 3 DAYS, SAY WHAT? I just said good bye to probably 4-6 pounds when I weighed myself in the morning. I can’t eat a lot because my bite is too high. It makes me feel tired chewing these days, too. It’s a good thing in a way but seriously, I want to take them off sometime but I couldn’t of course.

See the after picture, I can’t close my mouth because of the high bite. Neither I can bite food using my two front teeth. Awful. Sorry for the gross pictures with dry lips. Uggggggghhhh.

Anyway, my friends and I are planning to go to Tagaytay just to stroll. I am not yet sure if we are really going or not since one is not yet sure. We’re only three! Oh well, I’m ready and excited though I’ve been to Tagaytay many times. (:

Summer is ending, how are you spending the last days of your vacation?
Are you ready for school?