On a jet plane

My friend, Roxy, is leaving for Singapore on monday. On the job training thing she applied for. So brave to leave everything and everyone behind for 6 months. She will be back tho. WHY AM I SO BEING EMOTIONAL? Ha ha. Not. I’m actually happy for her! What really makes me feel sad is that we’re in our college senior year. Only two more semesters before the expected graduation year. After that, we’re less likely to see each other because of work. Say what? I just hope no one gets delayed so we can push through our Macau Party. My friends and I already talked about the plan and everyone is really excited. We’re going to graduate on 2011.

Saturday night, I spent with four of my friends. Swim and eat at Casa Milan’s Clubhouse. Wednesday night, I spent with more of my friends. And tomorrow morning, I will be spending time with them again. We were never complete though but I am always present!!! Ha ha ha! Despedida galore?

Oh by the way, tada! I have a new layout! It’s oh oh oh blue! The header, uh, I recycled it. I already used it for my multiply theme (and still using), heh. I just love the way it looks like now. I’m more happy to blog. If there’s something wrong, kindly tell me asap so I can fix it! Later!