I never knew that I have an acute eczema but today I found out. I am not totally sure but looking at the pictures of types of eczema, I am convinced that I have this form of dermatitis. It happens when I scratch my skin so much, tiny red spots showed up. ): It is frustrating but there are treatments available so i think I have to cheer up for those who have a severe one. (:

Hair Loss, Not A Problem

If you are losing all your hair, do not freak out. Seriously, do not. You are not in danger. It can be caused by common baldness. So what is this common baldness all about? It is also called male-pattern baldness which is probably a trait you have inherited.

So by not freaking out, you did a good job! All you have to do now is ask your doctor for male baldness cure. There are specialists who can surely help you out with your problem. They can absolutely restore your hair in no time!

What treatments can help you? Well, there are medicinal and surgical treatments. You can choose which you do prefer. Your doctor can also recommend what would be the best for you to have.

Finally, if you are losing your hairs, consult your doctor for best medication. Besides, losing hair is not really a problem. Sometimes, being bald is sexy! So think of it as an advantage!