Eating in a restaurant when I was a kid, I used to be scared of strangers sitting beside me; sharing the table with us (family). I thought it was indecent. You know how elders would remind kids not to talk to strangers, right? What would a youngster react if he or she is asked, “Ne, may nakaupo?“. I used to shake or nod but I never talked to them. Too shy to decline elders.

It was at the SM Southmall branch of Goldilocks I first tasted their barbecue. Hehe. It was my favorite meal (it comes with Laing, if I’m not mistaken). It was also a start of a realization.

As a kid, I was hyper and would read everything around me. I was making pasikat to my parents. I read everything inside that Goldilocks branch including the ‘Share a seat, Win a friend‘. Of course, I asked my mother what it meant and she told me.

From then on, I was never scared of strangers asking me if the seat beside me is available or not.  It has been a habit to share a seat with other people even though I’m not dining in at Goldi (as what my mom wants to call it).

Goldilocks thought me that manner; Goldilocks changed my perceptions. Who knows? I might meet my future just by sharing a seat!

Win tickets

I love love love free stuff! Especially tickets to every movies, concerts and every events! So yeah, you can win tickets for these events! I think it’s cool that you’re in all the singers’ gig. Sounds very fun to me. Rogue is giving away prizes! All you have to do is check their site for whatever they are currently offering and join the contest! I think the contests are easy so what are you waiting for?

I also read that if you’re an aspiring writer, singer, film director or any kind of artistry, you can submit all your works to them. It could be a stepping stone or your big break!

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