Milk and Crackers

I love the taste of sweet condensed milk! It is sweet and sweet. If I could just drink a can of one condensed milk without getting fat or developing diabetes or some sort, I would drink a lot everyday! But that’s just if only. I’ve been eating plain crackers with condensed milk for two days but I stopped because I got lazy to open a new can. 😐

Here are few pictures of my sweet sweet food:

Try it! It’s yumyum! You can also pair it with bread. 🙂

Korean Shrimp Noodles

I couldn’t remember the brand of this korean shrimp-flavored noodles but it was good! Though it took me almost an hour to finish it ’cause it was plenty! Ha! I had this when I was reviewing for my final exams, hehehe.

The little dried shrimps was not the good though. We’ll appreciate fresh seafoods always, right? But this was awesome!

Best when served hot! 🙂