Travel 2015

Travel for 2014 has been so far not that abundant. I don’t even know why I never had that fire in me to book a flight and come what may for the past months – or for the whole year. I even had a list of my to-travel for this year, but nah-ah.

Possible reasons:

  • The horrific deduction because of tax (I was cut off a big chunk from my salary, booo)
  • Pre-thesis writing till last day of March and never projected 4-month school summer break
  • Q2 Business Boom Assumption (thus, can’t take leaves)

Depressing. Hahaha! But on a serious note, I feel so lost. Trying to regain power and resources (f yeah) for travelssssssss next year.

I have two domestic travels scheduled already! One in Calayan Island, Calayan Group of Islands, Cagayan Valley on February and Batanes on June.


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