Ultimate Daranak Falls Experience

Another despedida outing for my friend. It was originally a family outing but she tagged us along. Where to? Daranak Falls at Tanay, Rizal. 4 hours of travel with lost-in-the-road-ask-random-people-how-to-get-there and finally we got there in time for lunch. Getting near the falls wasn’t that easy, too. You have to cross a long bamboo bridge, a mini bridge and step mostly on big rocks just to get to the tables.

Before we ate lunch, we went to see the falls. I thought it wasn’t that nice since the water in the stream was not so good. But the falls (being a first timer to see one), was really amusing. It wasn’t that breathtaking at all but not bad.

We took few pictures and went back to our table to eat. You can bring your own griller and that was what tito did. So we had barbecue aside from the adobo. Nomnomnom. Great lunch. Just enough to fill our stomachs before starting our stream trekking.

We were supposed to go to Batlag Falls but we gave up after (probably) 15 steps. The road was steep or so it was for us. People say it is just a 5-minute walk away from Daranak but personally, I think it would take me 10-15 minutes just to get there. Anyway, we just decided to push through our stream trekking. We got almost far but decided to go back since there was a man who was talking to my friend’s brother directing us somewhere. We were freaked out. LOL.

My friend picked up a heart-shaped rock. He even put it in my bag without telling me! I was like remove-it-in-my-bag ’cause I was afraid that I would be cursed from getting something from the nature. But the rock was so lovely, how could not anyone pick it up? I just hope he won’t be cursed. LOL.

So when we got back, we decided to swim. The water was so cold, brrr. The water gets deep near the falls. You would really need a salbabida (life-savers) if you don’t know how to swim. It’s going to hurt your arms (in my case, the whole body) a day after ’cause you will need a lot of effort to move around the water with your floater. Oh, there are sharp rocks near the shallow area which can wound you big time. =/

The 4 hour waterfall experience was really fun. The travel back will make you hungry ’cause you’re tired. Hahaha. My friend, Nok, served us foods! RICE IN A CUP! Plus mango for dessert which was gross but who-cares-no-one-except-the-four-of-us-saw how we ate it. It was really a challenge!

Yay because this is the 3rd time I went swimming this summer. Ha, I so love the water this year!

Have you been near the falls?


    wow! i also want to be there at Daranak Falls.. ang init kse ng tubig sa pool.. i want something refreshing!! haays.. :(

    eriq | 8 years ago Reply

    Lucky you, miss! It has been a year since I went on a vacation like this. I miss the water, although im a 'trekking' type of person. The heat of the sun and the sound of the splashing water! :eyes:

    putoseko | 8 years ago Reply

    I'm inggets na! Pangalawa ka nang kakilala ko na nagpunta sa Daranak Falls. Sunday ata sila nagpunta. Parang gusto ko din pumunta jan. Maka-experience man lang makakita ng falls. haha :)) Hindi yung puro sa picture na lang. :D Teka, despedida ulit yan? ba't ganun... nag-aalisan na sila. :|

    Charm | 8 years ago Reply

    Aww, I haven't experienced going to a falls before. But I wanna try it. :D Love the pictures, sis! And also the heart-shaped rock. It looks cute. Don't know how to describe it. LOL. I fail. I'm glad you did enjoy the experience though. I even haven't been to beach until now. :O

    Senyth | 8 years ago Reply

    the last time I went somewhere near the falls would be when I was around 3 y/o! naww I wont be able to experience so much of that anymore now that i'm out of the Philippines. T.T it looks so fun!

    Chiui | 8 years ago Reply

    oh wow! how fun! :D i've only been near a pool this summer haha and beach, last october... haha i've never been near the falls I think, but I sure do want. and what a lovely rock. don't worry i'm sure you won't be cursed. haha

    Phoebe R | 8 years ago Reply

    i've been there before na. pero super bata pa ako :)) akala ko hindi na sha clean and nice tignan pero dn sa pics mo mukang okay naman pala sha. ang cute din nung stone. very rare ung mga ganon. i think?

    Clarice | 8 years ago Reply

    I haven't been there. But the place looks so pretty, I wanna go there some time. I want to go swimming this summer but my friends are busy with reviewing for board exams. :cry: The first time I went to the falls was when I was 10 years old.

    Angeli | 8 years ago Reply

    ako di pa. gusto ko makalapit sa falls! faaaaallllsss!!! ::D

    yeye | 8 years ago Reply

    Aww Rizal is really a nice place. :D My friends lives there ;) The falls are awesome. (as I see in the picture) Wish I could see it in actual. I can't really go anywhere without my parents since they do not allow me to go overnight anywhere or even at my friends' house. Sucks to be me. :(

    Grysh | 8 years ago Reply

    Natawa naman ako sa mga dugtong-dugtong-na-words-na-pagkahaba-habang-description na ginamit mo, LMAO!!! Ang galing nung rock, akala ko naman dahil nabigatan ka kaya mo pinatanggal. Takot pala sa curse :))

    Ayokongmag-Pakilala | 8 years ago Reply

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