I change the font to Arial. I was supposed to change the whole layout but I got lazy to make one. Anyway, so sorry for not visiting lately. I’ll make sure to drop at my links today!

My friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday to celebrate Valentine’s day and Karen’s 18th birthday! Karen brought a lot of Carbonara, Adobo, Liempo and Rice. We ate around 11am before entering the park.

We had our pictures taken by kuya photographer of EK near the entrance but dang, I forgot to buy a copy! We rode The Grand Carousel twice because Karen and AJ was lost during our first ride. Then Flying Fiesta to 4D feat Pirates and … i forgot the title. Haha! To Rialto – oh my, the featured movie was boring. To Space Shuttle. It wasn’t my first time to ride the shuttle but it still gave me the first-time feeling. To Jungle Log Jam, early wet look. To Anchor’s Away and Up, Up and Away which I didn’t ride in because those are the dizzyness rides.

4D 8DJovy, Nikki, Karen, Roxy and Keiyt.

Then we were supposed to eat pizza but Domino’s closed. So we texted Kuya Jonjon (the driver) to go back (he went to his home) and we went out and ate again. Everyone started to smile because we were already full. After resting for almost an hour, we went back and checked out the Wheel of Fate, Rio Grande Rapids (twice because Karen and AJ were left at the Wheel) and SRR: X, Jungle Log Jam again, Space Shuttle again, Flying Fiesta again… Then took pictures at Boulderville.

Aj, Nikki, Jovy (being smacked by) Karen, Roxy and Robert.Oh, `kay.

We changed clothes and took pictures outside the park. Waited for the crappy fireworks. And went to this KFC, still at Sta. Rosa and ate. Oh my, thank you Kuya KFC, he gave us a lot of gravy! I had Venti Caramel Frap shared with my friends, of course because it’s so big haha! YUUM~


Caramel Frap (mmm)

I arrived here at home at 2AM. Oh well, the day-night was oh-so-nice. Though we were only seven OHHHHHHH, it was fuuuuun! There are lot of experiences which I won’t never forget. Cheers to single ladies and gentlemen! =)


    Wheeee~ Saya naman ng celebration. ^_^

    Catzie | 9 years ago Reply

    nax bonggacious belecration ahahaha saya neo ahaha kakaingit shox starbucks hmmm yummy! :( I miss my Choco crim Chip lol!!! ahahahaha :D waa gravy b yan dami!! ahaha lol bonga celebration neo ng VDAY aahah!

    Ayei | 9 years ago Reply

    waw. happy valentine's day! i missed EK!

    Cielo | 9 years ago Reply

    i've been to EK twice.. pero mukhang di ko parin nali2bot ang buong EK, akalain mo, dq tanda if san yung place na yan sa mga shots mo.. haha! uy! akla ko mushroom soup ng KFC. haha! gravey pala! lol. tsk tsk.

    anne | 9 years ago Reply

    Now I miss EK! I miss my friends, I miss hanging out with them. Ah, I hate you Keiyt. Jk. KFC & SB are super <3!!!

    April | 9 years ago Reply

    Oh it does look like you had so much fun, Keiyt :) I miss going to EK. I love their Anchors Away and Space Shuttle rides!!! And yay for Starbucks and KFC! We usually have that kind of combo whenever Nino and I go on lunch dates.

    Gel | 9 years ago Reply

    it's the way to celebrate,, hahaha,, but you know what, posting photo of these foods makes me hungry,, so I'll stand up and grab something to eat first,, heheh

    Pahn | 9 years ago Reply

    Wow!!! Inggit ako!!! Ang dami na talagang bagong rides sa EK since I last went there. Pinaka ayaw kong ride yang Anchors Away at Up, Up and Away. :( I'm glad you had fun on V-day. Mas masaya pa nga ata celebration nyo compared to some couples, hahahaha! :D

    Tin | 9 years ago Reply

    That is somewhat different in my experience with my friends at EK last fieldtrip, because we only have limited time so we didn't enjoy much. I wish to go there again with them so we can enjoy rides we didn't ride because we have limited time as I said. Ooh. :)

    WANITS | 9 years ago Reply

    yummy ah haha sarap naman.. ako gbi ko lng nacelebrate vday ko since busy ang boyfie ko huhu pero ok lng hehe

    Ms.Candyblush | 9 years ago Reply

    wooowww... EK with friends... astig naman. glad you had fun. :D

    Tine | 9 years ago Reply

    wow! you really had fun, i can really see it in your photos. heheh i've never been to EK or anywhere like those. wala kasing ganyan dito sa cebu. :( i've never had rides and stuff. poor me. but love love love kfc and gravy. :) hurrah!

    carina | 9 years ago Reply

    hiii! i agree mas masaya icelebrate ang valentine's with friends. i used to celebrate it with my classmates hehe. :D

    pam | 9 years ago Reply

    That's nice ha. Glad you had fun. We go to EK only to kart race. Di na kaya ng powers ko ang mga rides. baka atakihin ako sa puso

    kuku | 9 years ago Reply

    been there too... naku, ayaw ko rin ng anchors away, nanginig talaga paa ko nong 1st time ko... heehee!

    krisel | 9 years ago Reply

    the last time i went to EK, mga last last week lang, it was raining the whole time we were there! haha. ang saya naman ng heart's day nyo ;) nagcrave tuloy ako ng KFC! haha XD

    hannah | 9 years ago Reply

    Wow. ang saya naman nyan! Ako kasi, Hanggang Star City lang. haha. di ko na maalala kung kelan ako huling nagpunta sa EK. :)) cheers sa mga single. :)) di naman kaylangn may bf/gf para macelebrate ang vDay dba? :))

    Charm | 9 years ago Reply

    Awww. Hindi pa ako nakakapuntang Enchanted. Nakakahiya man pero ayun, wish ko makapunta din ako dyan kasama si bf. haha Ang sarap ng food! OMG. Miss ko na talaga yung liempo. Haha, nagugutom tuloy ako. Love the pics by the way! :)

    Lianne | 9 years ago Reply

    Wah, na miss ko tuloy ulit ang EK! I want to go there ulit! Open na jungle log jam? why oh why! huhu ang saya mag celebrate ng v-day with friends no? haha apir! :D

    karen | 9 years ago Reply

    kakatuwa naman ang mga pics!ang sarap maging teen ager,haha! and my-oh-my...i miss the food!! naglaway ako sa graving,pero mas naiimagine ko ang lechon paksiw right now...LOL!

    ghee | 9 years ago Reply

    your font is okay even if you use the one before.. =) wow Ek.. I've only been there once.. lol and yummy food.. now i crave for starbucks and kfc

    Melle | 9 years ago Reply

    that looks really fun sis. Nyweis I kinda like ur old font better, hehe =D Oh well, it still look cute though. Great celebration of a VDAY.. inferness hah, U really spend tym w/ uR friends and yeah Enchanted is coOl!, OMGee... crazy peeps;) hehe lavin da pics sis,,,

    Jhoice | 9 years ago Reply

    masaya talaga sa EK lalo na pag kasama mo friends mo. hayy, hahah walang kupas ang ek! :)) anyways, ang cute nung nasa boulderville kayo. ahaha kahit anung pose na ee. :)) ang kulit. hehe!

    Sandra | 9 years ago Reply

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