Were they my friends?

I don’t know how many times I would admit it to everyone and myself that, yes, it is my fault. The reason why we never spoke to each other days before graduation day. The reason why our friendship with four other people is totally ruined. I do acknowledge the blame, really.

Even I’m admitting it everyday, I wouldn’t want to tell everyone what exactly happened. Just to save a little of what’s left of me. It’s not pride (if you think it is) because I don’t have enough anymore (when it comes to this friendship deal).

I’m totally out of words right now. I still can’t imagine that you both deleted me in Facebook. This shouldn’t be a biggie. But that’s the worst thing that happened, we stopped being friends in real life ever since and now, we are not friends even in Facebook. Yes, it is my fault again. I filtered my page to restrict both of you to see my updates. Just because I thought you’re not ¬†interested anymore. You both were not connecting so… I don’t regret that one but deleting me in Facebook for our ties to be broken completely, that’s just so sick.

I miss our friendship. But thinking again, what is there to miss? Were you really my friends for 4 years in college? Oh minus some months.

I don’t like to be mean but you’re both so ungrateful. After doing this and this and that.. this is what I get. I never even felt I’m friends with you especially you were too attached to other people. You never heard of balancing, I guess.

We were once good friends. Once.

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